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English Tenses in Urdu is an Android app that teaches to facilitate those who want Basic English Tenses learning in Urdu and who consider themselves weak in this regard.
  1. 12 Tenses In Urdu Grammar With Examples
  2. Present Perfect Tense In Urdu
  3. 12 Tenses In Urdu Pdf Download

This book has been written in English and translated in Urdu. It means this book is beneficial for both Urdu and English readers. This book consists of twelve.


Ek dil ek jaan

The main section contains:
• Grammar: To learn English grammar in Urdu this section contains explanation to the English grammar with the help of examples.
• Tenses: It further entails types and use of tenses like past, present, and future to increase knowledge of users.
Other features:
> Tenses Courses
> Grammar Lectures
If you have no time to learn the basics of English Tenses in Urdu then grab your cell and download this app which is a simple guide to learn English Tenses with examples in Urdu.
Tenses in English
Tenses in Urdu
Tenses in English to Urdu

12 Tenses In Urdu Grammar With Examples

Tenses and all English grammar in urdu
Best Video Lectures of Learning English Tenses in Urdu
Do you want to learn english language and searching for best english learning app then you are at right place.
Do you know English Tenses are the basics of English Language? It help you to fluently speak english.
With the help of 'Learn English Tenses in Urdu' you can learn english in just 2 weeks. The best part is that you can learn english tenses with urdu instructions.
Features of Learn English Tenses in Urdu:
Easy to Use
Large collection of example of indefinite, negative, interrogative tenses are their with Urdu Explanation.

Present Perfect Tense In Urdu

All 12 Tenses with Urdu instructions and examples:
Present Tenses
Present indefinite
Present Perfect
Present Perfect Continues
Past Tenses

12 Tenses In Urdu Pdf Download

Past indefinite
Past Continues
Past Perfect
Past Perfect Continues
Future Tenses
Tenses in urdu pdfFuture indefinite
Future Continues
Future Perfect
Future Perfect Continues