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There are so many good episodes of Prison Break, but which ones really stand out? Do you like 'Flight' the best, or is 'Riots, Drills and the Devil' your favorite episode of Prison Break? To determine once and for all what the best episodes of Prison Break are, let's rank every Prison Break episode from best to worst.

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  • An all-new event series based on the hit action drama PRISON BREAK, featuring the original cast in a 9-part thrilling escape spanning the globe to save one of their own.
  • When Michael arrives at the jail, he meets the prison denizens who will, unknowingly, help in his escape plans.The first season of Prison Break was contains 22 episodes, airing in the United States on the Fox Broadcasting Company.

Prison Break, starring Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller, and Robin Tunney, was a crime drama that originally aired on Fox for four seasons from August 29, 2005 to May 15, 2009. The network revived it for a fifth season that ran from April 4 to May 30, 2017. As its title suggests, Prison Break centered on a plan to break an inmate out of prison, with the catch being that it would be an inside job done after the mastermind purposefully gets himself incarcerated in the same prison as his brother, whom he believes is innocent. Prison Break was shot at Joliet Prison starting in 2005.

Vote up your favorite episodes of Prison Break, and downvote any bad episodes that you really didn't enjoy, despite how much you love the series as a whole. It can be painful to put one Prison Break episode over the other when there are so many good ones, which is why you can vote on however many episodes you like.

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Season 1 Episode 21: Michael, Lincoln and the other inmates make a break for it.
2Riots, Drills and the Devil
Season 1 Episode 6: Michael's ploy to buy some work time by prompting a cellblock lockdown leads to a full-scale riot.
Season 2 Episode 1: Eight hours after their escape from Fox River…
4Riots, Drills and the Devil Part 2
Season 1 Episode 7: During the prison riot Michael rescues Sara as the assassin tries to kill Lincoln.
Season 1 Episode 22: The inmates take flight outside the prison walls, risking life and limb to evade capture.
Season 1 Episode 20: Westmoreland uses Bellick to plug a hole in the escape plan.
7End of the Tunnel
Season 1 Episode 13: As Lincoln's execution nears, Michael puts the escape plan in motion.
8The Key
Season 1 Episode 19: The mystery man reveals himself to Lincoln as well as his connection to some bad company.
Season 1 Episode 1: A man gets himself sent to prison so he can plan an escape for his brother.
10First Down
Season 2 Episode 4: Bellick shacks up with Michael, Lincoln and Nika in hopes of discovering Westmoreland’s hidden $5 million.
11The Rat
Season 1 Episode 14: Michael tries, and fails, to delay Lincoln's execution by tampering with the electric chair.
12English, Fitz or Percy
Season 1 Episode 5: Michael stalls his transfer and tests the first part of his escape plan.
13The Killing Box
Season 2 Episode 13: T-Bag goes postal to track down Mrs. Hollander. Sucre's escape plan faces deadly turbulence. Bellick has the tables turned on him upon his return to Fox River Penitentiary.
14Odd Man Out
Season 1 Episode 12: Tensions mount after Lincoln warns Michael that someone in the group will have to remain behind.
15Brother's Keeper
Season 1 Episode 16: A series of flashbacks show how various prisoners came to reside in the Fox River prison.
16Killing Your Number
Season 4 Episode 22: Not everyone gets a happy ending. Download part 2 now!
17Cell Test
Season 1 Episode 3: Michael encounters problems bringing Abruzzi and Sucre into his plan.
18Cute Poison
Season 1 Episode 4: Michael obtains some caustic chemicals to use in his escape plan.
19Hell or High Water
Season 3 Episode 12: Michael and his fellow inmates make their break from Sona, but the escape doesn’t go as planned for all of them.
20John DoePrison break full episodes 2016
Season 2 Episode 14: Michael, Lincoln and Kellerman face several roadblocks as they attempt to capture a protected Terrance Steadman.
Season 2 Episode 22: Michael races against the clock to rescue Lincoln and beat Mahone at his own end game.
Season 4 Episode 12: The search for Scylla comes to a shocking end as Sarah takes a hostage, T-Bag and Gretchen have their last stand at Gate, and Michael and Lincoln come face-to-face with the General and are betrayed by one of their own.
23Bolshoi Booze
Season 2 Episode 11: Lincoln must say goodbye to yet another loved one as he attempts to reunite with Michael.

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Season 2 Episode 7: Lincoln is determined to reunite with LJ, who is suspicious of his good fortune in Arizona.
Season 3 Episode 1: The season opener finds Michael Scofield in Sona, a hellish and deadly Panamanian prison where a previous riot has forced all authority out and has left the prisoners in charge of their own lives (and deaths).