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  1. Materi Biologi Kelas 10
  2. Materi Sejarah Kelas X Sma Semester 1
  3. Materi Sejarah Kelas X Semester 1

Khususnya untuk postingan ini Perangkat Pembelajaran K13 Kelas X Mata Pelajaran Sejarah Indonesia dan Sejarah Peminatan. Dimana membuat perangkap pembelajaran membutuhkan waktu yang lama karena tingkat kesulitanya. Apalagi untuk saat ini, dengan kurikulum 2013 membuat rpp bagi dewan guru kebanyakan kesulitan pastinya.

Materi Biologi Kelas 10

The purpose of this research is to out of influenced of the teaching cooperatif learning method type think pair share ti improving motivation and atudent learning outcomes. The research using classroom research method (CAR).
The object of this research is students class X GB 2 State SMK 2 Karang Baru Aceh Tamiang. The students divided into 11 groups in pairs. The CAR was done into 2 cyclus in every ciclus used different subject matters of fine art history. The results this study shown that the study results was improved from 68,48 first cyclus, 78,91 at 2nd cyclus. The improving of the student study result not only because of the teaching proses but also by group discussion of the student that implemented Think Pair Share. On the other hand by using of the teaching method above, the student activity and motivation also are improved. The used of the method of Think Pair Share was improved the student understanding because they are got a lot of discussed, drilled, and reading of the teaching materials.

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Materi Sejarah Kelas X Sma Semester 1

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Materi Sejarah Kelas X Semester 1

Keywords : Method Think Pair Share, Improved Motivation and Learning Outcomes.