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From Jabat Software:

In the era of the all computers today, many works of the person who is aided by the computer. One way is to replace the task of teachers picket the school bell to ring the bell manually with automatic computerized. With Jabat Automatic School Bell, teachers picket the school you do not have to bother to ring the bell because the Jabat Automatic School Bell, the school schedule can be rung automatically, even pembuyian errors can be corrected with the application, as well as reduce the risk of delays phonation timetable. Jabat Automatic School Bell is equipped with many features, such as: Unlimited Database; Bel emergency / notification; Schedule school exams; Backup and restore database; Admin and User Access Rights; Automatic Update; Automatic Shutdown; Record sound.

Aplikasi bel sekolah 3 bahasa yang Anda cari akan kami bagikan secara gratis tanpa registrasi pula. Silakan ambil aplikasi ini jika Anda memerlukan suasana berbeda dari bel sekolah pada umumnya. Seperti judul diatas, aplikasi ini memiliki fitur 3 bahasa yang bisa Anda pilih sesuai keinginan. Download this app to get free school bell sounds. Works on all android phone devices. 100% Free and Works totally offline. Included Tones: Heavy Bell Sounds.

Aplikasi bel sekolah gratis tanpa registrasi

Aplikasi Bel Sekolah 3 Bahasa Gratis

This application does not require a lot of sweat and the RAM or CPU. At startup is also faster and more accurate. Jabat Automatic School Bell can also be installed on the OS Windows XP or above. So you do not need to worry if your windows is the latest version. One of the benefits Jabat Automatic School Bell is quick and accurate detection of shifts in the lesson. This application is so mild that a more accurate in detecting the change of timetable. With the speed and accuracy of it, we are sure there will be no schedule was not detected by this application. Not only that, at the time the application is opened not too long.

Mahanani Aplikasi Bel Sekolah Gratis

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