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There are two main mantras for Shiva; a five syllable mantra (panchakshari) and six. Aum NaM Namah Sivaya, Aum MaM Namah Sivaya, Aum SiM Namah. Funny, Comedy, Hasir Natok peaceful aum namah shivaya mantra complete ॐ नम. Natok full HD PC Mp4 3gp 720p, 1080p Download Now, Download peaceful aum namah shivaya mantra complete ॐ नम Bollywood Movie Videos, Download peaceful aum namah shivaya mantra complete ॐ नम Kolkata Bangla Video Songs, Download. Om Namah Shivaya Mantra is perhaps among the most powerful and the most popular mantras on the earth. Also called as the Panchakshari mantra, we find the five syllabled mantras Namashivaya (Na + Ma + Shi + Va + Ya) attributed to Lord Shiva and affixed with ‘Om’, the primordial sound.

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Om Namah Shivaya is mantra, made of 6 syllables, full of power, divine energy and positivity.
It has only 6 characters but has a very deep meaning. Each characters offer glory toward Shiva. In Shiva Panchakshar Stotram and Shadakshar Stotram, deep meaning of mantra explained, by knowing it we dive into sea of glory of Lord Shiva.
As per Shiva Puran, Om Namah Shivaya, Shiva Moola Mantra is at time of the creation of the universe. When universe begin, nothing is there but only Lord Shiva in divine place, and they create this Mahamantra. This mantra includes every kind of knowledge, even all Vedas and Puranas are originated from this.

Shiva Moola Mantra - Om Namah Shivaya

Lyrics in English -

ॐ नमः शिवाय

In English, meaning of Om Namah Shivay is:

Detailed meaning

In the mantra, Om represent Supreme power, the symbol includes at starting to each mantra, without it any mantra consider as incomplete.
Om is known as Pranav mantra because it save one from ocean of material world. Om has deep meaning. It made from A, U, M, nada, and 'bindu'. This five parts of Om represents five head of God Shiva.
Namah means giving respect. In Sanskrit, Namah is used to give invocation to God.
Shivaya means for God Shiva. Shiva means Lord Shiva and 'ya' is used with Namah in Sanskrit.

Symbol used in every mantra
To give respect
God Shiva

In Shiv Shadakshara Stotram, meaning of character in mantra with explanation is given.

It explain that 'Om' is a symbol which regularly meditated by Yogi. It gives salvation, and provide material things. 'Na', is bowed by Sages, Apsara, gods.
'Ma' is form of Mahadev, who is in deep meditation; which remove huge sins.
'Shi' is which includes Shiva, peaceful, for God of universe, who provide welfare to people.
'Va' is for Vahana (Vehicle), Vrishabha, Vedas, Vasuki as in neck, who's left side Shakti is there.
'Ya' is last character in Mantra. For 'Ya', it is said that place where gods live, God of universe, Maheshwar is there. Lord Shiva is Spiritual master of all gods. I honour to them.
In Shiva Panchakshar Stotram, meaning of five characters is given. It show about Namah Shivaya without Om.
Panchakshar stotra says for 'Na', 'Nagendraharaya Trilochanaya Bhasmangaragay..', which shows Shiva who have Serpent in neck, three eyes, who has ash on body, who is God of all, who is eternal, who is Pure, who have four direction and sky as clothes.
As tree of banyan is in it's seed, Om Namah Shivaya is small like a seed by numbers of characters but have a great meaning as a tree of banyan has.
If one spend all life to understand, still he know almost nothing. It is like a sea which human can never take, if we try at our full ability, still we able to get knowledge only as a water drop.

Significance and effect of Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivay is fundamental, always Shiddha, help to attain Moksha. Whole Universe would fit inside Mahamantra.
It has significance:
  • Om Namah Shivaya includes all types of spiritual powers, which calm the mind of divine person, and give whatever he wants.
  • Mantra purify heart of devotee.
  • Om Namah Shivaya is beneficial to our brain, It provides new ways. Things can be easily understandable.
  • Who have mantra always stay in heart, he not need to read anything. He not need to do anything because Knowledge of Vedas will comes in mind. Karma has no purpose for him.
  • It connect us to Supreme God Shiva.
  • Mantra is recommended by Sage and scriptures.
  • Om Namah Shivaya is the voice form of Lord Shiva. They stay in this mantra, whenever devotee chant, they come there.
  • Om Namah Shivaya give protection. Devotees like Nandi, Chandra, Markendaya saved from death by Shiva's blessing.
  • Chanting Moola Mantra of Shiva will solve the diseases which is hard to solve even by medical science.
  • It remove fear, anxiety and other negative thoughts.
  • Our mind thinks about God and their glory.
  • One's karma improved. We stay away from bad karma.
  • Our mind automatically attract towards divinity and devotion.
  • Mantra helps to success in our reason to come here in this world. In material world, everything is temporary, only truth is God. By chanting name of Lord Shiva, we can fulfill purpose of us.

Once Goddess Parvati ask Mahadev that how can one become free from birth and death cycle in Kaliyuga? When unrighteous spread everywhere, ancient Guru-Shishya system reach to death, how can person connect with God?
God Shiva reply that the only way to get rid of effect of Kaliyuga is Panchakshari Vidya. After Lord Shiva describe mantra Om Namah Shivaya and says that how it can save one from material world. They explain it's significance and some rules. Mahadev says about nyAsA and deep meaning.

Some qualities of Mantra

  • Divine
  • Powerful
  • Spiritual
  • Energetic
  • Holy
  • Remover of sins
  • Peaceful
  • Confidence giving
  • Full of positivity
  • Happiness giving
  • Way to connect with Shiva
  • Saver from death
  • Devotional
  • Miraculous
  • Magical
  • Fundamental
  • Auspicious

How to chant Om Namah Shivay

In Shiva Purana's vayaviya samhita, there is detailed procedure to chant mantra. I will give here some information.
First, it is not necessary to have a spiritual master (Guru), but if master is there and they give you mantra, it is more effective.
In Shiva Purana, three types one can get mantra and which is better is explained:
1. Mantra one get himself, without any Guru, is called Saadhya mantra.
2. Mantra take from Guru who doesn't achieved siddhi is called Siddha mantra.
3. Mantra taken from Guru who has achieved Siddhis is called Susadhya mantra, which give effect immediately.
It is recommended to take mantra from Siddh Guru (Spiritual master who achieved spiritual power of mantra).
To take it from Guru, Diksha procedure should be followed.
Chant it with qualities like kindness, friendliness, devotion. One who recite mantra with such qualities, he get nearness to Mahadev, he will immersed in them.
For correct pronouncing listen it from video. While you chant, speak Om for long time as Aum....
Remember God Shiva. Recite it with remembering meaning.
Continuous chant it, 108 times or 1008 times or without counting for 10-20 minutes.
In beginning, chant 11 times daily. After Increase the number from 11 times to 51 times, to 108 times and reach 1008 times.
For counting, use Rudraksha mala or any malas or by finger.
You can also chant without counting, as many times as possible. But counting by Rudraksha is better because it orginated from Lord Shiva's tear.
Early morning, a time of Brahmamuhurt is best for reciting. Wake up around 4:30 AM, take bath and go to Temple or place of worship.
Recite it with concentration and remember only God Shiva.
Based on how one Chant, Japa has four types:
1. Mantra chanting with loud voice, wrong-right pronunciation is called Vaachik Jaap.
2. Chanting in which only tongue move, voice of slow that even nearest person can't listen is called Upansu Japa.
3. Chanting of mantra in mind, with each character imagined word by word, and think meaning of it, is called Maanas Japa.
4. Mantra chanted with Pranayama and meditation is called Sagarbha Jaap.

As per Shiva Purana's Vayaviya samhita, Upanshu Jaap is better than Vaachik Jaap, Maanas Jaap is better than Upanshu Japa but Sagarbha Jaap is best among this all.
Take long breath, synchronized with chant.
If it is hard to concentrate then chant with half open eyes, not full close nor open eyes but half close eyes, it will not let come any thoughts in mind, which helps to better chant.

How many times should I chant?

Om Namah Shivaya is mantra for which there is no restrictions on specific times of counting. We can chant it once, 5 times, 11 times, as we like. But it has significance of chanting 108 times by mala Rudraksha.
Also Shiva Purana explain that If one chant mantra 10 thousands times daily or thousands times in morning and evening, he get position in Shivloka. And If one chant it 1008 times for thousand day and feed to Brahmin each day, whatever he wish he has, will completed.

Which day mantra should recited?

Any day for reciting is good, but some days in which chanting mantra has more effect.
Days are:
  • Monday
  • Shivratri
  • Mahashivratri

Chant 108 times or 1008 times on this days. Go to Shiva Temple and worship Mahadev while chanting mantra.
Each times of giving Bilvapatra, chant the Shiva Moola mantra.


Om Namah Shivaya is very powerful mantra which can deeply affect us. Chant in morning and night whenever you get time. It is easiest way to improve our life fast.
Nothing can comparable with Mahamantra Om Namah Shivay. Take decision now, at here, and start chanting now. Try to chant as many as time possible.

Om namah shivaya Mantra Hindi

Om Namah Shivaya is the great, powerful and effective mantra for God Shiva.
Benefits of chanting Om namah shivaya is so incredible that will change the way of your living.
It is for God Shiva who is the great, who know everything, who is omnipresent and who protect the whole world.
It is for giving respect and invocation to Lord Shiva.
Om namah shivay mantra give incredible power and effect if you chanted 108 times.
It give exponentially benefits to who, who chanted it 1008 times.

It is way to get unimaginable knowledge and power.
Power and effect of mantra is infinite that is impossible to even describe.
God help him every time.
God is with him everywhere who worshipping and chanting Om namah shivaya every time.

Benefits and effect of chanting Om namah shivay

Have you ever wondered that:
'How does uttering/reciting 'Om Namah Shivaya' mantra benefit us scientifically?'
'What happens when you chant Lord Shivas mantra om or om namah shivay japa?'
'What is benefits and miracles of chanting Om namah shivaya 1008 times?'
We all heard that chanting is important for us but is there any scientific evidence?
In this massive article, I show 25+ benefits of chanting Om namah shivaya with detailed explanation and research. I will also show that how writing and listening also benefits us.
This all is because of magic, miracle and Glory of mantra Om Namah Shivaya.
This is for quick overview into all parts.
  • Scientific benefits of mantra
  • Spiritual effect and experience
  • Health benefits of Shiva stotram
  • Conclusion

If you find new research or benefits then please comment. I will include it here.
And I am grateful, if you share this on social media to know all world to power of mantra.

Chanting effects backed by Science

Meditation with chanting increase concentration and memory

neurons in brain affected by chanting mantra

It is scientificallyproven the benefits of meditation and chanting on concentration ability and focusing ability.
Research published in time in which experiment is done to know that how meditation work on mind and effect by which it increase concentration.
Researchers study the 60 people which divided in 30-30 group.
After experiments and study of this people, they find correlation between meditation and ability to focus, concentrate and remembering.
Because by chanting and meditate, Brain is significantly change.
As this happen when worshipping, and chanting energetic mantra of God Shiva.

Om Namah Shivaya meditation affect Brain at molecular level

Science find that our brain is made from neurons.
Here's what science say:
Neurons made millions of millions connection to each other.
Neurons interact with electric signal when brain processes to see, speak or hearing.
Brain work in way that allow concentration, remembering ability, capability to understand and interpretation by making complex connection of neurons.
Ability to remember or learn is not in full control of human.
Why not?
Because it is incredibly difficult to make brain more powerful to remember and increase capacity.
But, As the research find effect of meditation on brain by diffusion tensor imaging and cortical thickness mapping.
As there is many changes done by meditation brain structure and neuron construction. Which prove power of om namah shivaya meditation and proof that mantra meditation work scientifically!

Chanting Om has potential role in clinical practices

A study of neurohemodynamic correlate chanting 'Om': functional image magnetic resonance prove benefit of Om.
In the study, 12 volunteers chant OM which is first syllable of Om namah shivay and researcher study effect.
After research, they find correlation between chanting OM and effect on brain by fMRI.
It has an effect on brain that can be used in treatment of distress, epilepsy and other brain disease.
Research paper also discuss that chanting has potential in clinical practices and become easy way to treat in dangerous brain problems.
From research paper:
'The neurohemodynamic correlates of ‘OM’ chanting indicate limbic deactivation. As similar observations have been recorded with vagus nerve stimulation treatment used in depression and epilepsy, the study findings argue for a potential role of this ‘OM’ chanting in clinical practice.'

Chanting Om altered genes that affect energy metabolism

Research published at wbur.org show that meditation and om chanting trigger change in genes in a way that it affect body's immune function, energy metabolism and insulin secretion.
A study involve 52 people in which 26 people tried chanting and meditation while other 26 not use any technique.
After using advanced method of genes finding, researcher find significant change in genes. Chanting Om mantra result in a way that small subset of biological pathway will altered.
Benson who is author of research even use this technique to treatment in cancer.
From the wbur.org:
'Benson-Henry Insitute for Mind-Body Medicine at MGH, where the technique is used to help patients manage a wide variety of medical conditions from anxiety and chronic pain to cancer.'

Om Namah Shivay chanting Reduce hypertension

According to study published at Ijpsr, om namah shivay chanting significantly affect mind and resulting in hypertension reduction.
Researchers study 8 old women who have problem of hypertension and depression.
They chant Om Namah Shivaya for 108 times for many days. Rules of chanting is only the faith (shraddha) in supreme God.
With meditation, they chant 108 times slowly by concentration and confidence.
Researchers learn effect on mind by medical devices and modern instruments.
What they find:
Proof of Effect of Om namah shivay!

At end of study, there is proof to significant reduction in hypertension.
It is sufficient to show power and miracle of Om namah Shivaya.

Chanting Om increase oxygen level in blood

A 14 year old girl discover magical effect of chanting which is published in times of India. Research is supported by Culcutta University proffesor of physics.
As her finding:
'Chanting Om increase oxygen level in the blood, lower carbon dioxide and lactic acid which reduce the level of fatigue.'
From experiment of 17 person in lab with oxygen level and carbon dioxide level test, it is confirmed result of om chanting.
Anwesha said to TOI:
'I found that sounds with a particular frequency, if heard or recited right, raises the level of neurotransmitters and hormones like serotonin, dopamine, DHEA etc. Because of their vasodilatory actions, the oxygen level in blood soars. It also produces less lactic acid and allows the person to act without fatigue.'

Chanting change the way of fundamental thinking process

In time of 1990, scientists find that IQ and EQ is not sufficient to explain brain.
They write:
'While Computers have IQ and Animals have EQ'
'But human have SQ from which they differentiates from animals and computers.'
What is this SQ?
It is stand for spiritual quotient.
For mathematics and computation, your brain use IQ. For emotional decision, it use EQ.
But SQ help in fundamental thinking that make use decision in a way that we have ability to question in fundamental way. Chanting affect subconscious mind.
By chanting, listening and writing mantra of Lord Shiva, our SQ is improved.
One who chant beej mantra 1008 times daily in morning then he is clearly differentiate from other people because of his improved SQ.
By the high level of spiritual intelligence, thinking is done at fundamental level.

Spiritual benefits: Chanting, writing, listening power

We get rid of anxiety and grief by chanting

Here's the truth:
Modern life is very fast and complex.
Most of us have job problem.
Students have study tension.
And tension to get good mark and high score in exam.
But not all student can be successful.
Not all people achieve success in job.
It create anxiety and grief.
It reduce our performance.
But Chanting Om Namah Shivaya 1008 time or only 108 time remove grief and anxiety from our life.

We get steady mind and supernatural intelligence to achieve peace

Steady mind is very important for us.
Om namah shivay vibration benefits us to get supernatural intelligence to achieve peace.
Such an peace never feel before.
Which you can't even imagine.
Something can't explained by word, you have to experience it.
This will be ultimate experience of your life and change your world!

Worshipping god while following assigned duties

We may have too much work..
We may not worship God much time.
As we know Worshipping god is very important for us.
By chanting Om Namah Shivay 108 times only in a day we do it.
And also we can do it while we follow our duties.
It take a very small amount of time.
But result is too large that make important difference.

Find fullness of life

What you think:
What is mean of success?
Most people think about material things like job and goal.
But it is not true.
Think scientifically..
Our body is made from DNA, RNA and various other chemicals.
Then why we live a life?
What is reason of living life?
You have to find ultimate reason for life.
How to find it?
Simple answer:
By chanting incredible mantra of Lord Shiva, Om namah Shivaya.
You may not believe it first.
But try it.
Start by writing Om namah Shivaya or by chanting 108 times mantra.
Read Shiva Purana to know in detail.
If you chant first time then, first listen it to understand benefits of Om namah Shivaya.
After meditation and chanting, you feel such an effect that never felt before.
For getting mantra siddhi, 5 lakh times uttering of panchakshari mahamantra done. For fulfilling any wishes, 1008 times chanting daily is helpful.

Find region, meaning, work and salvation

Why we live a life?
Our ultimate goal is not material success which is temporary.
Our ultimate goal is God.
There is way to reach.
Here's how:
Aum Namah Shivaya Mantra
By finding region, salvation to achieve God.
And this is done by breathing, chanting panchakshari mantra for supreme God Parameshwar.

We can take shelter of spiritual master that may be impossible by other way

Supreme God who create our whole universe..
Lord Shiva who create space, time, water, gravity and everything.
We take ourselves to surrender to God.
It is very difficult to overcome all problem.
But God Shiva know everything.
By holy name of Lord Shiva, one can take shelter of the spiritual master who can solve all of our problems and give a way to live great life.

Even sinner can cross ocean of sorrow

By chanting or writing, it remove all sins from us.
It become possible to be free from sins.
We can cross ocean of sorrow and free from whole sins. As result of chant, mantra siddhi is achieved.
By continuing reciting, we able to achieve spiritual success and Lord Shiva please to us. (Shiva sahasranama in ling purana)

Man can free from trap of suffering

See here:
'I fail in study'
'I loss my job'
'I can't get any job'
Is it sound familiar?
Do you have also such problem?
But this all change after applying this formula.
Why there is too much problem?
Because this is the material world and here too much suffering.
But I promise you.
If you chant Om namah shivay 1008 times with concentrating god, you will free from all suffers.
Because I have confidence on God that they will give protection against negative energy and suffering.

It is definitive source of peace

In normal Life, there is almost no peace.
We want to get material success and achievement.

Aum Namah Shivaya Mantra Lyrics

But it is temporary and not stay after death.
Also major people can't get it.
What they get instead?
Only work, tension and stress.
Why this happen?
Because they go in wrong direction!
They think that job, work and material success is everything in life.
But it is not source of peace, it is source of problems and suffers.
Then what to do instead?
The secret is:
Involve with God
Connect with God
The easiest way to get mentally peace and happiness is by chanting om namah shivay.
Om namah Shivaya quotes

Om Namah Shivay is ultimate source of peace.
It is ocean of peace that never end or dry.

Chanting Mantra bring eternal happiness

When we get money that what we want?
Why we want to get lot of money, job?
To get happiness.
But unfortunately it doesn't happen every time.
When first time you get something good then you happy too much. But second time, your happiness by that is reduced i.e. 0.75x.
Third time, forth time, and after hundred of times, it does not give you happiness.
This happen for almost all things except chanting or worshiping God.
When we write om namah shivaya then our mind become spiritual and we connect to God.
It bring eternal happiness to our life that last forever.
It doesn't end even if we write most powerful mantra of lord shiva om namah shivay 108 times, 1008 times daily.
Each time of chanting and writing, we get happiness and peace that not reduced anytime but increasing every time of jaap.

Health benefits

Chanting can improve and optimize neural networks (Significantly)

As per Scientific research, Our brain is made of neurons.

There is around 100 billion neurons in our brain.
Working of brain is very complicated. But by great miraculous mantra and worshipping god, neural network is improving and function better.

Constant chanting make us more creative and smarter

Here's How:
It's because of better, improved and optimize functioning of brain, it make us more smarter and more creative in everything that we do.
It also help in study, preration, interview and job.
It will change process of thinking.
Process of working brain is completely change.
Not it change random way but in a way that benefit us like miracle done around you.

Balance our emotions by meditation and chanting

Become angry constantly?
NO controll over feelings?
Start listening and chanting.
Because Om Namah Shivay jaap can help us connect to ourself and balance our emotions.

Chanting Om Namah Shivaya will improve Heart health

As we know that Many people die in modern time is because of heart attack.
Modern medical research try to find the way to save life from it.
But probability of living is still low in such case.
Why is this problem arisen?
Because of weaken heart system.
What's solution?
Writing and chanting mantra Om Namah Shivaya for protection.
If someone chant mantra only 108 times in morning, then it is beneficial to our heart system.
Our heart system become strong and better that chance of attack is almost zero.

Increase in mental alertness

Chanting Om namah shivay 108 times resulted in mental alertness which increase our concentration and memory also.
It will eventually help for weath, job and success. Listening to mantra om and pachakshar stotram help to achieve high level of spirituality.
Listen and watch youtube video of om Namah Shivay for better chanting and meditation.

It help in detoxifying our body

From spiritual vibration of miraculous mantra, toxic substance go out and can't stay in body.
Constant chanting with deep breathing can detoxifying our body at biological level.

Chanting Om Namah Shivay purify environment around us

Environment around us is changing and become in such a way that it help us in positive way.
You will identify the change of situation, change of behavior of people after chanting.
You will see that how more and more people help you.
How you overcome difficult situation so easily.
Life will become positive and better after connected with God.

Improve your voice by chanting Om

Chanting Om as well as Om namah shivaya result in large difference to our speech.
It give strength to our vocal cords and muscle around it.
Our voice and speaking is significantly improve.
This become in improved voice and better speech.
Chanting Om is powerful and wonderful way to improve your voice without paying anything.

Chanting help to reduce blood pressure

Now a day, there is number of people who have high blood pressure.
People spend money of even $1000 dollars for medical and try to reduce blood pressure but then also problem is not completely solved.
It is possible to reduce blood pressure without medical service.
By chanting with deep meditation result in significant reduction to blood pressure and it is also without spending money.
Therefore it is best to chant only 108 times om namah Shivaya daily. Chanting is good for you.
Research find that chanting om mantra will lower blood pressure. In 40 out of 60 patient has a result of dropped blood pressure because reciting om help the formation of nitric oxide. It show power of aum.

You will feel magical effect that never feel before

Wonderful effect!
Unbelievable effect!
An effect and experience that is impossible to worded or explain to other who do not know this mantra.
You can't speak colour to who, who never see colour in life.
This is same thing:
You experience it, but can't speak.
Such an great effect and power that you never feel before because of chanting only 108 times Om Namah Shivaya, Shiva Pachakshari mantra.

It is universally recognized mantra

Om Namah Shivay is finite and infinite at same time.
Meaning of mantra is 'I bow to supreme God Mahadeva'.
In Om Namah Shivaya, OM is first syllable that alone is proved in scientific way in the neurohemodynamic study.
Om has frequency of 432 Hz. This frequency is extremely fine tuned.
Namah means giving respect. In Sanskrit language, Namah is used for giving respect and invocation to someone.
Shivay means for Ultimate Lord Shiva.
It is for creator of universe and supreme being.
It show respect to divine and supernatural, formless, shapeless and creator of universe and infinite God Shiva.
Therefore, it is universally recognized mahamantra and beej mantra.

It benefit thyroid gland and throat

Mantra Om Namah Shivay create an effect which is too beneficial for throat and thyroid gland.
It is important to learn mantra for improving throat and it done without problem.

Chanting help to get rid of diseases

Mantra chanting help in diseases by spiritual energy and vibration.
Reciting mantra to solve all disease problem quickly and effective manner.
Even medical research accept result of chanting and yoga on body and health.
By get rid of dangerous problems, we able to get happiness and success.
For your small time investment in God, give you return thousand time or even millions times.
It is too much great if chanting done 108 times.
In the day, try to chant Om Namah Shivay. Try to chant 108 times Mantra or try 1008 times. Write mantra and make a writing book of aum namah shivay to achieve siddhi in spirituality.
Start by listening; after good concentration, chant and see the difference, whole world is change for you by God.!!

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