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As Childish Gambino once again sheds his skin, Awaken My Love! Is a sonic evolution. It has been described as R&B meets Pink Floyd, by one journalist while. Stream: Childish Gambino – Awaken My Love (Album Leak + DL) In what is the first notable album leak in recent memory, the EXTREMELY anticipated project, Awaken, My Love from all around creative genius Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino has surfaced online! After the singles “Me And Your Mama” & “Redbone” dropped over the last few.

Childish Gambino has confirmed the album title and also revealed the artwork via social media. It is still not confirmed whether it will release on December 2nd.

Previous story (Nov. 7): Childish Gambino fans have been waiting for new music forever now but he seems more focused on his hit TV show Atlanta at the moment.


The drought may still be over as the actor/rapper is reportedly releasing a new album titled Awaken, My Love! on December 2nd. A user on Reddit discovered the new album listing on All Music which also mentioned the release date.

Upon further investigation, we found out that the album is also available for pre-order on Amazon UK with Glassnote as the label, as we would expect. There is no official word on the album yet and that isn’t surprising since the new norm is to keep things under wraps till very late.
Donald Glover hasn’t released new music in a long time, except for the little tease of a new song he did on episode 5 of Atlanta back in September. If Awaken, My Love! is indeed the title, that would also mean that Pharos was a name solely for the camping event he organised at the Joshua Tree National Park in California in first week of September.


Awaken My Love Zip File


Awaken My Love Lyrics

1. Me and Your Mama
2. Have Some Love
3. Boogieman
4. Zombies
5. Riot
6. Redbone
7. California
8. Terrified
9. Baby Boy
10. The Night Me and Your Mama Met
11. Stand Tall

Download Album Childish Gambino – Awaken, My Love! Zip File Mp3 Download

Childish Gambino finally drops he’s most anticipated album titled “Awaken, My Love!” download and share your thoughts on the comment section.


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Awaken My Love Zip Download

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