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Good morning everybody. I have a problem with mail attachements which have the Content-Transfer-Encoding „quoted-printable“. I use an Email file myEMail.eml with an attachment (myPDF.pdf), generated with Windows Live Mail.

The Content-Encoding entity header is used to compress the media-type. When present, its value indicates which encodings were applied to the entity-body. It lets the client know how to decode in order to obtain the media-type referenced by the Content-Type header. The recommendation is to. Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 MIME-Version: 1.0 Is the Transfer-Encoding correct for the need of my 3rd party app to see the message in a human readable format?

I have signed up for http://eudyptula-challenge.org/ challenge and this acceptsemail attachments only in simple text format. The files without extension (and also .zip file) are transferred with base64 encoding.I want to send email attachment in simple text. This is how my makefile is transferred :-

How to configure Thunderbird to send a attachment files in as simple text??Or I should any other email server or tool to send email attachments in simple text??

Vinod KumarVinod Kumar

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Content Transfer Encoding Php

in thunder bird Edit-> preference -> Display -> font -> advanced -> out going mail set it from UTF-8 to Western iso 8859-1

Content Transfer Encoding Uuencode

Content Transfer Encoding

Content Transfer Encoding Quoted Printable

Amr AwadAmr Awad

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