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Chapter 8

'Come on, Ekans! You can do it, use Poison Tail!' Jessie encouraged as her poison type kept trying to strike the boulder with his tail.

'Keep trying, you'll get the hang of it. Meowth, keep focusing to have Protect standing for a while longer, and then you can take a break.' Ayumi said to the redhead, who both she and James had an outfit change from her old uniform (A/N: It's the Ace Trainer outfits from Black and White), as well as her Meowth to give them much needed training while Naruto was doing the same for James to help his Magikarp evolve.

'Okay James, keep it up!'

'Right! Magikarp use Bounce! Koffing use Sludge Bomb!' The lavender haired man had his Pokemon spar each other and was amazed at how strong they were becoming with the blonde's guidance.
Said blond was watching as he was training his dragon twins as they used their Egg Moves; Gible's being Dragon Breath and Bagon's being Iron Head.

They luckily had a PC on Porta Vista in one of Naruto's villas-explaining how he knew the coordinates- so it allowed Naruto and Ayumi to switch out their Pokemon with a few occasional questions from Jessie and James; such as how they would be able to have more than six Pokemon with Iruka saying that'd he'd be willing to take care of their excess Pokemon.

It was also discovered that after seeing Naruto practice, Jessie wanted to be a Coordinator and had wanted a Feebas after she learned it could be a beautiful Pokemon like a Milotic; the silverette promised that she would have one of the Feebas eggs as soon as she was notified. Meowth was also given an Eviolite and a Lucky Coin to help him out; the Scratch Cat Pokemon seemed to admire the shiny stone and coin as he hung the stone around his neck and replaced the charm on his forehead.

'Well, I think that's enough for everyone! Let's go back to the villa and get something to eat or relax.' Naruto called out as everyone stopped their training to stretch and lie down.

'That was good training, right Meowth?' The silverette asked.

'Yeah, now I don't have to worry about getting hit too much!'

'A tan in the beach sounds wonderful.' Jessie grinned.

'Alright! A day in the beach!' James cheered.

'We all deserve it, besides didn't Kazuki say to call him again later for those Pokemon to give to Jessie and James, Ayumi?' The blond reminded as his travelling companion jolted up.

'That's right! Kadabra, come out and use Teleport to bring us to Naruto's family villa!' Ayumi yelled as she called out her psychic type as a speed boat unnoticeably passed by.

'I'm really sorry! Okay… Really?! That's great! Yeah I'll take them. Okay, bye Kazuki, please try to hide those folders from dad next time!' The trio watched as she talked to her caretaker and came back with two Poke-balls and a brown ragged looking egg. 'Here you guys go! Complimentary Pokemon for a new start, and a Feebas egg for you, Jessie.'

The former Team Rocket members took the Poke-balls and released their new Pokemon to see what they were.

'Smoochum Smooch!'

Jessie immediately picked it up as she hugged and rub her cheek against its own, 'Oh you're just the cutest thing, aren't you!? Yes, you are!'

'Ching Ching!'

James hugged it as it gave a happy chime, 'Oh the memories of hearing its chime! It's the dearest!'

'I guess you two are happy with your new Pokemon. The one you have is a Smoochum, Jessie, it's an ice/psychic type and the pre-evolved form of a Jynx, well if you want to evolve it anyway.'

Naruto chuckled as the magenta cuddled her new Pokemon and turned to James, 'And that's a Chingling, it's a psychic type and the pre-evolved form of Chimecho. How did Kazuki know what kind of Pokemon would be perfect for them?'

'He's my role model after all! Kazuki is a great breeder and he's a great judge of character when it comes to people and Pokemon.' The silverette grinned as she rubbed the egg before handing it to Jessie, 'Kazuki says that the egg will probably hatch in about a month, so be sure to take good care of it.'

'Right.' The magenta haired woman said as she carefully held the egg and cuddled her new Pokemon.

'Hey Naruto, why don't we train our Feebas a bit before we evolve them?'

'Sure, why not our Horsea too?'

'Yeah! Let's go!' The albino agreed as she ran out with Meowth clinging onto her shoulder.

'Feel free to relax, there's plenty of food for you and your Pokemon.' The whiskered blond informed as he left.

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'Okay, our Horsea's have evolved thanks to that training and battles against those wild Pokemon, and taught our Feebas new moves and trained them a bit, they're ready to evolve, don't you think?' Ayumi suggested as she swam with her pair of Feebas that had noticeable grown after having trained almost nonstop for the last two days. Her male Feebas now knowing Scald, Iron Tail, Dragon Pulse, and Ice Beam while her female knowing Rain Dance, Blizzard, Protect, and Brine.
Naruto's own Feebas was on par as well and Hoshi had evolved into a Clefairy after one of the training rotations as well as his Combee unsurprising evolving quickly. 'Sure, you have your Prism Scales right?' He said in the water with his ragged looking Pokemon swam around him.

'Yeah.' The silverette replied as she turned to Jessie and James, who were a short distance away, 'Okay, this is one way you can evolve your Feebas, Jessie! Alright, let's go you two.' She said as she gave her pair a Prism Scale each.

'Here goes, Feebas.' Naruto gave his Feebas the Prism Scale.

Instantly, all three Feebas glowed as their form grew large and serpentine; the silverette's expectantly larger by a foot or two before it ended to reveal three beautiful and healthy Milotic with the only to appear slightly different was the male.

'They're breathtaking.' The lavender haired man said in awe as he watch the three Tender Pokemon swim happily around their trainers.

'Yeah, and soon I'll have one too.' Jessie commented as she stared at her egg with her Smoochum cheering and giving her a kiss on the cheek in agreement.

Meowth took a small nap after having trained and finally learning Aerial Ace and amazingly Pay Day as he woke up when a flyer landed on him, 'What's this?!' He screamed getting the attention of the blond and silverette as they came out of the water with their Pokemon floating behind them. Jessie took the flyer from the surprised Meowth and read before being excited.

'A beach beauty and Pokemon costume contest? And the prize is money?! I'm in!'

'I think it sounds fun!' A woman said as she walked towards the group with Naruto staring in surprise.


Kushina grinned, 'That's right, honey! I always come to Porta Vista for its annual contest. I didn't expect to see you here, and these must be your friends.'

'Yeah; this is Jessie, James, and Ayumi.' The blond introduced as they each greeted the Top Coordinator as well.

'Thank you for looking after my son.' The Top Coordinator thanked with a smile as she stared at Ayumi, 'You know, you remind me of a friend of mine named Kakashi. You look like a cute girl version of him!'

'Um, thanks?' Ayumi responded confusedly.

'And you have Milotic as well! That's some progress!' Kushina gushed as she looked at the three water types before turning to Jessie and Ayumi, 'So are you two going to be in the swimsuit contest?'

'Jessie is, but there's no way I would do it.' The silverette shook her head.

'Come on, a girl's got to show their beauty.' The former Team Rocket member tried to coax. For a split moment Jessie and Kushina glanced at each other with a nod.

'If there's beauty, I'll let that be my Pokemon!' The albino exclaimed before she was grabbed by both Kushina and Jessie.

'Now now Ayumi, I have the perfect swimsuit for you that'll compliment you and your Milotic pair.' The Uzumaki-Namikaze mother said as she and Jessie dragged the struggling breeder to the changing room.

'No! I didn't agree to this! Naruto! James! Meowth! Stop them!' The silverette desperately screamed.

'Tic Tic Milo?' The lone male Milotic asked as he was concerned for his trainer with his partner a little curious about the scenario.

'Jessie won't give up when she's focused on something.' Meowth sighed, 'She won't get hurt.'

'Mom's just the same.' Naruto sighed, 'I hope she doesn't try to give Ayumi costumes and try to make her enter contests or something.'

'I feel sorry for her.' James said sympathetically with everyone nodding.

'Welcome to the Porta Vista Beach Beauty and Pokemon Costume contest!' Brock emceed, 'Let's begin shall we with our first contestant!'

Misty came out in her red bikini and waved as people cheered with Ash's Squirtle and her Starmie worked together to look like extraterrestrials in their flying saucer.

'How cute.' Kushina clapped as she wore a sunglasses and a hat to hide her hair with Naruto sweat dropping at his mom's need to wear a disguise and James carrying Jessie's egg for her.

'Next is Jessie and her Pokemon!'

The red haired woman came with a smirk as the audience cheered with her Smoochum dressed as a toddler as the baby Pokemon blew kisses, earning cooing from many girls. As Jessie picked up her Pokemon, she looked over at Ayumi who looked like she wanted nothing more than to hide in a hole as she walked up to her.

'Come on Ayumi, go out there and awe them.' Jessie encouraged as she gave the breeder a little push.

'Here's a last minute contestant, Ayumi Devon and her pair of Pokemon!' Brock announced as the silverette had no choice but to step out.

Ayumi came out with her long silver hair down and parted with a long red ribbon to show both of her red eyes as she wore a blue one-piece that showed her pale stomach with a red diamond on her chest with fan-like designs to cover her just growing assets as she wore a necklace and blue and red arm bands as she held a fan in one hand and blue knee high swimming stockings on her legs as her two Milotic loosely coiled around their trainer in a nearly protective manner.

Cheering erupted as the silverette covered her blushing face with the fan, 'This is so mortifying!' She whispered.

'What a beautiful appearance! It's as though she's a water princess with her Pokemon knights by her side!' The rock type gym leader said, 'It's hard to say whether she'd be in the beauty or costume category!'

'Of course!' Kushina nodded, 'A Milotic based swimsuit will always go with a Milotic right next to it. I gave her more outfits too; if I know what other Pokemon she has, she'd be a great coordinator or maybe a model! I'd be glad to enter the clothing section if she accepts being my personal model; and you too, Naruto!'

Naruto sweat dropped and felt sorry for his travelling companion, who definitely just wanted to get off the stage, 'She's a breeder though, mom. And I think she would prefer battles to contests.' Not to mention, there was probably no way his silver haired travelling companion would willingly do something like modeling.

'Let your mom dream, honey.' The redhead jokingly pouted; she'd always wanted a daughter after all, but she was already happy with her precious son, so the next best thing was her son's friend.

The audience apparently wanted to keep the breeder on stage for a little longer as the next contestants stepped forward to show Gary Oak with six girls behind him as he smirked and called out on a microphone, 'Hey Ash, I know you're out there! I'm not here to make you jealous of me, but my fans are!'

As he said that, the girls cheered, and made Ash upset as he ran on stage, 'That's it! I challenge you to a battle!'
Gary turned him down as he taunted the Pikachu owner; the silverette had enough as her Milotic duo called out to calm the two, 'Let's not fight, alright?' She said as the serpentine duo floated between the two trainers.

The Oak stared at Ayumi and her Pokemon for a while before asking, 'I've never met you before, what's your name?'

'Ayumi Devon, a breeder that was forced into this contest.'

'Well Ayumi, what do you say? Would you like to join my fan club?'

'No thanks.' The silverette replied without missing a beat as Ash and her Pokemon snickered.

Gary was shocked that a girl turned him down, 'Don't you know who I am?'

'I don't.' Which got more laughter as Ayumi finally turned around to leave with her laughing Pokemon following behind as she took off the ribbons to fix her back into its original look.

'I really like her spunk.' Kushina laughed, 'She's one straightforward girl!'

'She sure is.' Naruto agreed with James nodding.

'I just hope that she doesn't work together with Jessie someday,' James shivered, 'A fearsome pair will wreak havoc.'

In the end of the contest, the winner of the Beach Beauty category was surprisingly Ash's mom while Ayumi won the Costume category, which gave the silverette mixed feelings but gave the prize money to a man named Moe after Ash and his friends had explained the situation to the two while Jessie and James wore wigs to not be recognized as the former Team Rocket members seemed to hold a grudge against the group.

'I am never doing something like that again.' The silverette sighed in relief as she donned her usual outfit.

'Oh don't be like that. You looked amazing.' Kushina comforted, 'Well I have to go, good luck on your journey, honey. You know that everyone's rooting for you.' She hugged her son before taking out one of her Poke-balls.

'Thanks mom.' Naruto waved as he watched his mother fly away on her Swanna. 'Well let's get to Celadon City.' He announced as he brought out his Fearow as he and Jessie climbed on.

'Alright, do you know which Pokemon you'll use?' The albino asked as she, James, and Meowth did the same with her Skarmory and both flying types flying in the direction their trainer wanted to go.

'It'll be Taiyou, Falco, and Vespiquen since it'll be a three-on-three battle, what about you?'

'Sneasel, Skarmory, and Houndour. I also hear there's going to be a double battle contest and the prize are two rare Pokemon, want to pair up?'

'Sure, not to mention Celadon's Game Corner has Pokemon as prizes too, I'm glad that have a lot of luck.'

'Don't forget the malls. I'm taking you for clothe shopping if I have to, Ayumi.' Jessie grinned.

'Please don't.'

After arriving to Celadon and a week and a half of training for everyone, with Ayumi's Houndour evolving with a lot of effort thanks to her gym battle, and Meowth falling in love with a female Meowth that Naruto caught as well as managing to evolve the silverette's Kadabra and Machoke as Jessie and James kept training their Pokemon with Jessie fortunately catching a Lickitung while the Sinnoh native and Unova native caught a Ponyta.

They also had a quick trip to the Celadon Game Corner a few days after their arrival to learn that Naruto had the most luck anyone had ever seen with the machines as he had enough points to get a Dratini, Porygon, and a Larvitar; the Pokemon that required the most points and not getting more because he was satisfied with them, while Ayumi's luck didn't match Naruto's, it got her a Dratini, Scyther, Eevee, and Larvitar, but was happy enough as she also had a new Shinx to train as well. Jessie did somewhat well but only ended up with enough points for a Wigglytuff, while James seemed to have the poorest luck but was able to get a Vulpix.

Naruto had to wait for Erika's Pokemon to recover after Ayumi challenged her first, and this time around, the silverette didn't want to watch, 'Sorry Naruto, it's nothing personally, I've just never liked the smell of perfumes.'

The blond raised an eyebrow, 'You looked perfectly fine when you battled her two days ago.' He referred to how his travelling companion acted no differently than how she usually did when battling.

'I couldn't be rude while we were in there, I probably would've been kicked out.' Ayumi mentioned as she proved a point when a costumer was literally thrown out when they complained about the smell of their perfumes.

Naruto sighed and nodded, 'Well I'll meet you and the others at the Pokemon Center later so we can register for that tournament.'

'Alright, Jessie, James and I will be at the Game Corner if we're a little late.' The silverette informed as the former Team Rocket members had already left before her after they trained their Pokemon for the day.

'Yeah, and can't ya bring out Meowri?' Meowth asked as he hung from his trainer's shoulder and calling Naruto's Meowth by his own nickname for her.

'She's back home with Iruka right now. Maybe later.' The blond replied as he waved, 'Well, I'll be going.'

'Good luck with your match!'

'Ah, you're back. Where is your friend?' Erika asked kindly as she saw Naruto walk into perfume shop.

'She had plans, but are your Pokemon all healed up for our battle?'

'I see, then right this way. My Pokemon are ready to fight you.' The grass type gym leader said as she guided the blond to the greenhouse in the back.

'This match will be a three-on-three match against Celadon City's Gym Leader Erika versus Undella Town's Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze! Only the challenger will be allowed substitutions. Begin!' The referee announced as both sides called out their Pokemon.

'Tangela, I choose you!'

'Do your best, Vespiquen!'

As the Beehive Pokemon called out, Erika commented, 'It seems that just like your friend, you have foreign Pokemon as well. It's lovely.'

'Thanks for the compliment, she's strong as well.' The blonde added with Vespiquen buzzing in happiness for her trainer's praise. 'Alright Vespiquen start it off with Attack Order!'

The bug/flying type held out her hand as a swarm of bees appeared to attack their master's target.

'Tangela stop them with Stun Spore and retaliate with Constrict and Mega Drain!'

As the bees were taken down from the paralyzing powder and vines swooped to wrap around the Beehive Pokemon as she flew away from them, Naruto called out, 'Cut those vines with a Silver Wind and Bug Buzz combo!'

Vespiquen did as told as her body glowed red while her wings flapped at a quicker pace and creating a sonic buzzing as silver blades of wind also formed and launched as it was covered in a red hue.

While it was beautiful, Erika knew that if that attack landed, she could lose, 'Tangela dodge it!'

'Don't give it a chance and use Attack Order!' Tangela unfortunately wasn't able to dodge the swarming bees as both it and the Grass type trainer didn't expect it. The bees held it in place in the air as they stung and the red Silver Wind struck causing an explosion before the Vine Pokemon fell to the ground with swirling eyes and injuries.

'Tangela is unable to battle! Vespiquen is the victor!'

Erika smiled sadly as she recalled her fainted Pokemon, 'Thank you Tangela, have a good rest. You have very beautiful and graceful strategies, Naruto.'

The blond thanked the gym leader as he praised his bug/flying type, 'Thanks, we worked hard to be able to do them, and Vespiquen is a quick learner.'

'You are a talented trainer, but I will not lose that easily. Go Weepinbell!'

As the Flycatcher Pokemon came out from its Poke-ball, the whiskered trainer recalled his Vespiquen as well to bring out his next Pokemon, 'Taiyou, let's go!'

The Charizard gave a roar as he readied for battle. After reaching his final evolution, Taiyou never stopped from improving himself to be helpful to his trainer and his strength and growth was the proof. Erika stared at the fire/flying type, 'What a powerful looking Charizard. We won't give up though, Weepinbell use Razor Leaf!'

'Taiyou use Flamethrower!' Taiyou's flame burned down the leaves and struck the grass/poison type and obviously caused a lot of damage, leaving Weepinbell unconscious with burns.

'No way… Weepinbell is unable to battle! Charizard is the victor!' The referee called out as she was surprised to see Erika being defeated quickly, similarly to the blonde's friend when she came for a challenge.

'Weepinbell, return. Go Gloom!' As Erika's last Pokemon appeared, she held a serious expression, 'You're Pokemon are indeed powerful, but we won't go down without a fight!'

Taiyou made a disgusted face at the awful smell of the Gloom that was definitely unlike his companion that released no odor, but put up with it as Naruto held the Charizard's Poke-ball to return him and bring out Falco, 'Great work, Taiyou. Let's finish this, Falco!'

The scarred Fearow gave a loud caw as he flapped his wing to stay in the air. When he noticed that his opponent was a Gloom, he wanted to keep a distance from the smell, but a battle was a battle. The ladies were slightly intimidated by the sight of the Pokemon that was infamous for its aggressive personality. 'How frightening.' One of the shop keepers uttered.

Naruto was quick to defend his Pokemon, 'Falco may look a little scary, but he's tough and hasn't ever let me down since I started my journey.'

Erika couldn't help but smile, 'I see that you care for your Pokemon, no matter what they are. Just as Gloom and I do for each other.'

Gloom agreed with a lazy smile, 'Gloom Gloom!'

'Thanks, now make this quick Falco with a Heat Wave!' The Fearow took a deep breath before exhaling hot burning air at the grass/poison type, causing pain from as it couldn't retaliate as it inevitably collapsed.

The move was unknown the Kanto locals but nevertheless the referee knew the outcome, 'Gloom is unable to battle! Fearow is the victor! The winner is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze from Undella Town!'

'Row!' Falco gave a victory caw in success. It took a while for him to be able to learn that move as it was a fire type attack, but it was worth it to be able to handle battle his trainer's friend's Pokemon and their ice attacks.

The gym leader sighed at her rather quick defeat, but accepted it as her opponent being empathetic to his Pokemon. Erika held out her gym badge to Naruto, 'Congratulations, Naruto. You and your friend show the love for your Pokemon that gave you the strength to win. I wish the two of you luck on your journeys and give you the Rainbow Badge.'

After the Unova native recalled his Fearow and thanked her for the badge, the grass type specialist asked, 'There is a Pokemon tag-battle contest taking place in two days, am I correct that you and your companion will be participating together?'

'That's right. Ayumi and I will do our best to win.' They still had to discuss which Pokemon they were going to use, but Naruto was sure they'd be fine with their confidence in their Pokemon.

Erika gave a graceful smile and bow, 'I wish the two of you luck in the contest then. I believe the prizes are two rare Pokemon. Also feel free to stay in Celadon City and enjoy the sights.'

'Sure, and thank you Erika.' The blond thanked with a grin before heading on his way.

Naruto walked into the Pokemon Center to see Ayumi grooming Meowth with a brush while he was on her lap as Jessie was putting ribbons on her Smoochum and James sulking as he mumbled about not having any luck with his Chingling and new Vulpix consoling him.

Rhapsody, who had just come out of her Poke-ball, tilted her head before smiling, 'Everything is fun with new friends, right Daddy?'

The blond sweat dropped at the Meloetta's words, 'I guess?'

The silverette noticed her travelling companion and looked up, 'Hey Naruto, so you won your match? Congrats!' She grinned.

'Thanks Ayumi. We better sign up for that tournament while I give my Pokemon to Nurse Joy.'

'Sure thing.'

'Aki and Sneasel could be good. Their attacking methods could go well with each other.' Naruto suggested to his tag partner.

'True, but Taiyou and Empoleon could cover any type arrangements we could be pitted against too.' Ayumi also suggested.

'You two do realize you've been arguing on which Pokemon to use for the whole day now?' Jessie stated unexcitedly as she and James ate their lunch. The two young trainers have been trying to single out a Pokemon they'd both use since they registered as well as overnight and well into the next day, and finally came down with the blond going for his Leafeon and the silverette's Sneasel while the Sinnoh-native stuck with her Empoleon and the Unova-native's Charizard.

'All of your Pokemon are strong so you'd be fine.' James commented with Meowth and Rhapsody nodding; although the normal type really didn't want to see that Sneasel. The two had a dislike for each other ever since they met, but were mostly civil in front of their trainer.

'Then why don't you four tell us which one we should go with?' Ayumi stared as she wanted to know so they could practice strategies.

Naruto couldn't agree more, 'Yeah, which one? My idea with Aki and Sneasel?'

'Or my idea with Empoleon and Taiyou?'

'Which is it?' They asked in synchronization as they stared down Jessie, James, Rhapsody, and Meowth.

After a bit of thought, the four gave their votes.

'I'm going with Ayumi's idea. Final evolutions will get a quick victory.' Jessie concluded.

'I believe Naruto has it right.'

'I'll always stick with Daddy!' The Meloetta chimed.

'Ayumi's got my vote.'

The votes didn't help and the tag partners stared at each other.

'Aki and Sneasel.'

'Empoleon and Taiyou.'

Sparks flew between them before they stopped as soon as they appeared.

'I guess there's only one way to solve this.' Naruto stated as he held out a fist.

'Yeah.' Ayumi nodded as she held out a fist as well.

The former Team Rocket trio was concerned that they were going to fight while Rhapsody was as cheerful as ever. 'Rock, Paper, Scissors!'

The three face faulted, 'Really?!'

The duo tilted their heads at them, 'Well how else would we? We can't battle and wear out our Pokemon. The tournament's tomorrow.' With that Naruto and Ayumi played Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who they would choose.

The Next Day

'Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Celadon City's tag-team battle tournament! There will be sixteen paired up trainers and seven rounds. The last pairing trainers to win all their battles will get the prize of these two rare Pokemon!' The emcee announced as he held his hand to the side with the screen panning to show two Pokemon, 'These two are a Pokemon from another region called Togepi and a female Eevee! Very valuable Pokemon to have with you indeed! Now let's begin the battles shall we!?'

Cheers erupted in the stadium as Naruto and Ayumi were at the waiting room watching the battle arrangements to see that they were the second to battle; which meant that whoever that won their first battle would be their next opponents, but that didn't matter just yet as they watched the battle.

One pair was using a Venomoth and Machoke against a Beedrill and Pidgeotto with the former seeming to be the side that was winning. 'Shino and Lee, huh? They sure do have collaborative skills.' Naruto commented with his tag partner nodding in agreement.

'We'll do our best though and win.'

'Well aren't you overconfident?' A snarky female voice said getting the blond and silver duo's attention. They saw a girl dressed in a purple top and skirt and platinum blond hair tied in a similar manner to Ayumi's; although tamer and shorter by comparison and her bang didn't fully cover her left pale blue eye. 'You've got no chance in beating us.'

'Quit trying to cause unneeded trouble, Ino.' A male voice spoke as he stepped forward to reveal a boy with black hair tied up leaving spikey ends and a bored expression on his face. 'Ignore her, she tends to run her mouth sometimes. You two are Naruto and Ayumi, right? We're your opponents.'

'I'm Ino and he's Shikamaru. He's the brains and I'm the beauty,' The platinum blond sneered at the albino, 'and someone like you can beat us, let alone me.'

Ayumi growled, 'What was that? From what you just said, it sounds like you only have looks and no brains.'

'Take that back, you wannabe lookalike!'

'We look nothing alike!'

'That's right, I'm prettier and a better trainer to boot.'


Sparks flew between the two girls as their partners stood on the sidelines with Naruto sweat dropping, 'Shouldn't we stop them?'

Shikamaru yawned, 'It's not worth getting hurt by troublesome girls over. They should stop when we get called up to battle.'

True to the brunette's words, the girls stood straight when the emcee announced for the next two pairs to come down. The Sinnoh native scoffed as she walked up to Naruto, 'We'll see who's better.'

The pale blue-eyed girl did the same walking to her partner, 'And it'll be us.'

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When the four took their places with the screen and the referee at the sidelines. 'This round is between the Ino-Shikamaru pair versus the Naruto-Ayumi pair! When one side is unable to continue the battle is over! Trainers, bring your Pokemon!'

'Go Drowzee!'

'Diglett go.'

'Aki let's do our best!'

'Time to battle Sneasel!'

Ino didn't recognize the Pokemon Naruto and Ayumi sent out and asked her partner, 'Shikamaru, what are they?'

'I'm not sure, just stay on guard.'


The referee called out, 'Battle begin!'

'Sneasel use Blizzard and dive in with Shadow Claw!' The dark/ice type created the snowstorm as he leapt into it to strike his blinded opponents.

'Diglett use Dig and get out of there!'

'Drowzee follow Diglett!'

Sneasel gave a noise as he lost his target to alert his trainer, 'Sneasel Snea!'

Naruto focused on his surroundings as he doubted his opponent would reappear on their side with the Blizzard attack and waiting Sharp Claw Pokemon on the other side. When his Leafeon's ear twitched, he ordered, 'Jump into the blizzard, Aki!' Aki did as commanded in surprise to Ino and Shikamaru as their Pokemon came back to the surface. 'Now use Energy Ball on Diglett!'

'Give it a boost Sneasel!' The green blob of energy flew faster from the strength of the blizzard's wind as it went straight towards the Mole Pokemon.

Shikamaru took it as an opening on where their opponents were within the snowstorm and spoke, 'Ino.'

'Right, stop it and send it back with Psybeam, Drowzee!'

As the psychic attack was fired into the blizzard, Ayumi called out, 'Get Aki and avoid it!' The only indication was a small shadow for a moment as the attack sliced through the blizzard and stopped it.

Ino gasped in shock of the sight before her, 'How did that happen?'

With the Pokemon-made snowstorm gone, it revealed a large and tall tower of Shadow Claw slashes frozen as they stacked alternatingly with Sneasel and Aki perched at the top. 'That Blizzard was there for more than one reason.' Naruto stated.

The platinum blond wasn't deterred, 'Drowzee use Hypnosis on that green Pokemon!'

'Sneasel intercept!' The dark/ice type shielded his partner from the rings of psychic waves, feeling none of its affects.

Shikamaru frowned at that, 'It isn't affected by psychic attacks? Diglett bring them down with multiple Mud Bombs!'

As the mud balls flew at the Sneasel and Leafeon and destroying the Shadow Claw tower, the two jumped away together without command as the Verdant Pokemon used Magical Leaf in retaliation and hitting the Mole Pokemon.

'Aki now! Magical Leaf Blade on Drowzee!'

'Sneasel use Ice Beam on the arena and keep Diglett from moving!'

The Leafeon's leaf on his head straightened as it glowed green and Magic Leaf surrounded him in a shield-like manner as he struck the Hypnosis Pokemon while the Sharp Claw Pokemon froze the battle arena in slippery ice.

Shikamaru gritted his teeth as his Diglett shivered in its immobility while Ino called in concern of her Drowzee as it slid on the field thanks to the ice. When she saw that their opponents Pokemon were standing unscathed by the battle conditions she demanded, 'Why are your Pokemon affected like ours are?!'

Naruto and Ayumi smirked with their Pokemon doing the same. 'Sneasel's a dark/ice type, he's used to cold and slick battle fields. He also is unaffected by psychic attacks as you saw.'

'But that green one has to be a grass type, so how?'

The brunette looked at Aki's feet before his eyes widened, 'Ino look at its feet.'

The platinum blond did as her partner instructed and her eyes widened as well, 'Leaves embedded into the ice?'

'That's right. Aki's Magical Leaf wasn't only to cause more damage. He won't have to worry about the surface with the paw outlines keeping him in place.'

'That only means it can't go anywhere! Drowzee, Poison Gas!'

'Mud Bomb, Diglett!'

As the poisonous fumes and dirt balls came toward their Pokemon, Naruto and Ayumi instantly called out, 'Aki use Energy Ball on that Mud Bomb!'

'Freeze that Poison Gas with Ice Beam, Sneasel!'

The Verdant Pokemon deflected the attack with it exploding on impact as the Sharp Claw Pokemon froze the toxic gas. Shikamaru knew that their Pokemon were getting tired but it seemed that their opponents could still keep going, 'They must've worked in double battles for a while.' He had a way to break the ice for his Diglett to be able to move, but it could risk getting his partner's Pokemon injured.

'You have an idea, Shikamaru?' The platinum blond asked, knowing that the brunette had come up with a plan.

'I can use Magnitude, but it might knock out Drowzee.'

Ino didn't like the sound of possibly making her Pokemon faint, 'Will it work?'

'It's all we have left.'

'Alright, let's win this. It'll be up to you.' She relented; her partner wouldn't let her down. 'Drowzee Poison Gas and aim for the air above them!'

'Diglett get rid of the ice with Magnitude.'

Pokemon glazed bathing suit location

The psychic type hastily breathed the smog before the ground shook from the Mole Pokemon's magnitude 7 earthquake.

Sneasel and Aki tried to keep their balance as they knew they would be poisoned if they jumped and glanced back to their trainers for guidance.

Naruto and Ayumi nodded before yelling in sync, 'Aki/Sneasel, jump!'

'Sneasel aim use Ice Beam from where you jumped to get you and Aki higher!' The two Pokemon used the ice attack as they pushed themselves into the air, and winced as they became poisoned, they stopped to stand on the newly made ice pillar. As Diglett's relentless attack kept going after Ino had to recall her fainted Drowzee, the tower of ice crumbled and broke apart.

The two, knowing what needed to be done, used the chunks of ice to soften their landing back onto the worn field and flinching once again from poisoning. 'Aki use Heal Bell on yourself and Sneasel!'

'Leafeon!' Said Pokemon called out as he waved it tail, creating the healing chiming sound.

Shikamaru took advantage of that moment, 'Now, use Mud Bomb!'

'Protect Aki with Shadow Claw!' The dark/ice type did as told as he stood in front of his battle partner and slashing at the ground type attack as the Verdant Pokemon were healing their poisoned conditions.

When they were both recovered, they were ready to end the battle with the Mole Pokemon exhausted. The blond and silver haired duo nodded at each other as they called out a move they made while they practiced with their Pokemon's teamwork, 'Now use Ice Energy Ball!'

Aki launched an Energy Ball to Sneasel, who had quickly batted it to Diglett with Shadow Claw and used Ice Beam on it. The grass type attack became an icy ball with a vivid green core as it kept going to its target.

It shattered when it hit Diglett and inevitably knocked it unconscious as it slumped over with swirling eyes. The referee announced, 'Drowzee and Diglett are unable to battle! This round's victor is the Naruto/Ayumi pair!'

As cheers erupted, Shikamaru sighed in his defeat, he'd tried, but Ino might complain for a while after this. 'Troublesome.'

The winning trainers fussed to heal their Pokemon and praised them for their hard work as they tried to ignore the applauding crowd. Ino frowned that she'd lost to them, but couldn't deny that they were good. That didn't mean she liked it, though.

The four stepped forward to shake each other's hands as Ino grumbled to Ayumi, 'You may be a better trainer than me, but I'm definitely the prettier one.'

The silverette inwardly twitched, 'I'll let the good looking ones be my Pokemon, Ino.'

'Oh I'm sure you do.' The platinum blond smirked as she knew she was irking the Sinnoh Native.

Ayumi's just eye just twitched as she smiled, 'That's right, and I recommend some training on your part. Your Drowzee has potential.'

Naruto and Shikamaru ignored their tag partners, 'Thanks for the battle, Shikamaru. You really kept us on our toes.'

'It was nothing. I can't say it's surprising I lost to the great Top Coordinator and Johto Champion's son.'

'You knew?'

'It wasn't tough to tell; you look like your dad and battled with combination moves like your mom. So your friend a coordinator? She pulled off that display in the beginning.'

'No, she's a breeder. She just has good strategies for battles. What about Ino?'

'Troublesome blond loves making her Pokemon look good than battling. She'll probably switch from battles to contests or something else eventually.'

'Well good luck to you guys then.'

'Same to the both of you in this.'

The duo watched and did well in their next battles to manage winning the tournament and getting the prizes, with Naruto and Ayumi agreeing that he'd have Togepi and she'd have the female Eevee. Jessie and James had insisted that they stayed a little longer, especially with them receiving invitations from the Pokemon Lovers Club after the younger two were seen in the tournament. They were now at the club which was located in the top floor of a tall building filled with wealthy people; definitely not the type of people that associated well with Naruto and Ayumi, but they liked Pokemon so they weren't too bad.

'Tell me Naruto, have you considered Pokemon helping people to sleep?' A gentleman asked to the blond trainer.

'What do you mean? Like sleeping with them?' Naruto wondered.

The gentleman chuckled, 'Not exactly. You see we have this Drowzee and newly evolved Hypno, we know that they have a move known as Hypnosis and it puts Pokemon to sleep. It is a theory, but it may be beneficial for solving sleeping problems. It has worked wonders on our own club members with Hypno.'

Ayumi walked over, 'What has wonders?'

'Oh, Ayumi. He was talking about having Pokemon helping with sleeping problems.' Naruto explained to his travelling companion who had a somewhat confused look.

'That sounds like a reasonable idea, but can't other moves like Sing, Sleep Powder, Grass Whistle or something do the same?'

The gentlemen nodded at the logic, but believed his idea was better, 'I still view my idea effective. If you'd like I could show you.'

The albino breeder knew the gentleman wouldn't give up trying to prove his point nodded, 'Alright.'

The whiskered blond had a bad feeling about this as the gentleman guided the two to the Hypno with his friend taking a seat on the chair facing the Hypnosis Pokemon. Naruto watched as Ayumi was hit with the hypnotic wave and falling asleep. The gentleman smirked at the sight of the peacefully sleeping girl and spoke to Naruto, 'As you can see, this will help. It could potentially help the world.'

The Unova-native agreed as he woke up his companion, 'I guess you're right. How do you feel?'

Ayumi yawned slightly, 'Refreshed, I suppose?' She couldn't really say that she felt weird; she would probably insult the man. 'Why don't we get going? We do have Pokemon to train.'


The Next Morning

Meowth walked over to Naruto and asked as he looked around the Pokemon Center, 'Hey, do ya know where Ayumi is?'

The blond shook his head, 'No, why do you ask?'

'I didn't see her in bed when I woke up.'

'Maybe she decided for some early morning training and didn't want to disturb you?' The cerulean-eyed boy suggested; she had done it sometimes.

The normal type shook his head, 'She still would take me with her, and I know she didn't take the other Pokemon with her or her things with her.' He held out his trainer's Poke-balls as proof. 'It's like she disappeared.'

'Ayumi will be fine, right Daddy?' Rhapsody said as she quietly listened to the conversation.

'I'm sure she's fine, she can look after herself after all. She'll probably show up later.' Naruto comforted before he remembered. 'By the way, where are Jessie and James?'

'They opened a beauty salon in Scissor Street.'


Two days later

Much to the concern of Naruto and Meowth, Ayumi still hadn't shown up and strangely enough there had also been reports of missing children and ill Pokemon recently. They kept looking around for their missing friend and at some point ran into Ash and the group.

'Hey Naruto, nice to see you in Celadon City. Were you here for a gym badge?' The Pikachu owner asked with said electric mouse staring at Meowth.

'Yeah, I already won it a few weeks ago. Did you win a badge?'

Ash laughed nervously as he remembered his antics, 'I guess.'

Misty and Brock noticed that Naruto's friend was missing, 'Where's Ayumi, she's normally with you?'

Naruto and Meowth frowned, 'I don't know where she is; she's been missing for three days now.'

'Are you sure?'

An Officer Jenny who was putting up a missing child poster up overheard and walked up the group and asked the blond, 'Did I hear correctly that your friend went missing three days ago?'

He nodded, 'That's right, it's like she disappeared that morning. She didn't even take her things and Pokemon or her Meowth with her.' Naruto held up Ayumi's bag as proof the normal type looked like he was going to go into hysterics.

Ash and the others were concerned for Naruto's friend and agreed to help, 'We'll do our best to help you and find the other kids.'

Brock agreed before holding the blue haired officer's hands, which resulted wit Misty pulling him away by the ear.

The Unova-native smiled at the sight as he and Meowth started to follow Jenny as she left, 'Thanks you guys.' The group tagged along with Officer Jenny after Ash watched the sad mother that had mistaken him from a distance as well as they headed off to the Pokemon Center.

As the officer led the group and Naruto around as they each asked around with Naruto, Ash, and Misty speaking with Nurse Joy, but being expectedly busy with the mystery drained Pokemon.

The pink haired nurse showed the wilted Oddish, lifeless Magikarp, a Charmander with its flame nearly out, and a Psyduck that looked… 'I don't see what's wrong with that Psyduck though?' Naruto commented; he did have his own Psyduck and this one looked like it was just one of those common wild ones.

'Wait, haven't you been staying here, Naruto? Have your Pokemon been affected too?' Ash asked worriedly.

'Not to mention Ayumi's Meowth.' Misty added.

The blond and Scratch Cat Pokemon looked at each other for a brief second, 'I've only been letting out Falco during my searches-of course I can't do much with people sometimes panicking at him-but he's been fine.' Meowth would've said something, but he could blow his cover to the group and said his name as a sign that he too was alright.

Brock frowned, 'This isn't really going anywhere. There are children going missing with no connections to each other, and Pokemon are suddenly being drained of energy. Not to mention Ayumi went missing too. There just isn't any links.'

Jenny sighed, 'This is all very strange.' Beeping from her back pocket got her attention as she pulled out a device that looked like a tracker.

'What is that? It really doesn't look like a radio.' The water type trainer wondered.

After Brock flirted once again with Jenny and failing, the blunette explained, 'It's a sleep-wave detector; it's a device that responds when a wave that induces sleep. It seems to have been active for the last three days, but I wasn't able to identify the location.'

At the mention of that, Naruto's eyes widened, realizing the reason for the strange activities and mysterious disappearance of his travelling companion. He remembered the party four days ago and the gentleman using a Hypno to relieve sleeping problems.

Meowth eyed the blond, knowing he had figured out what caused his trainer to vanish and he'd get whatever it was that was the reason. The Unova-native notified, 'I think I know where the source of the sleep-wave is.'

'Where?' Officer Jenny inquired.

'I'll lead the way.'

Naruto led everyone to the skyscraper and to the roof after Pikachu was affected by the sleep waves and had to stay in Ash's backpack. Officer Jenny kept track of her sleep wave device and saw the rise in sleep wavelength. When they arrived, the group, save Naruto, was shocked at the sight of a mansion on the roof a skyscraper.

Ash and Brock ran to the doors of the mansion and readied to ram it down, 'Wait!' Naruto called, only to be ignored as they slammed the doors open to reveal the wealthy Pokemon Lovers Club members and the Drowzee and Hypno.

'Are you members?' A familiar gentleman asked before he recognized Naruto, 'Ah so you've come back, Naruto. Did you need something? Where is your young friend?'

'She disappeared the morning after you showed us Hypno's Hypnosis. I think it has been unintentionally affecting Pokemon and probably affected the missing children.' The blond stated as he held back a thrashing Meowth that had somehow not been affected by the sleep waves whatsoever.

'What do you mean?'

Ash brought out his sapped out Pikachu to show the man, 'You guys made all the Pokemon to be drained of energy. Look at Pikachu!'

'It must be a side-affect.' Brock reasoned.


The coordinator/trainer explained, 'Hypnosis is a move that's only meant to put a Pokemon to sleep; with it being used in this method, it must've affect the Pokemon and kids as a result.'

The gentleman looked saddened, 'It seems we've been causing trouble for others.' He explained that he and the whole club loved Pokemon, and Drowzee had helped with their insomnia; when one of their Drowzee evolved, they were overjoyed and the final stage Hypnosis Pokemon had become their favorite.

During the conversation, Misty went up to Hypno after it had finished getting a man to sleep. She curiously squatted down and looked at it, 'Let's see…'

Doing as its requester said, the psychic type sent out hypnotic waves as Misty eventually fell into a trance and started clapping, 'Seel Seel. Seel Seel. Seel Seel.'

Getting everyone's attention, Ash asked, 'Misty what's wrong?'

Brock answered as the hypnotized girl continued clapping, 'She must be controlled by the sleep wave.'

'We have to do something!'

Pokemon Glazed Swimsuit

Misty suddenly rose and ran, knocking down Ash, who quickly recovered with everyone chasing after her. Naruto ran from behind the Ketchum with Meowth clinging on, thinking, 'Wait, is Misty is acting like a Pokemon because of the sleep wave, wouldn't that mean Ayumi is too?'

After a while, Misty stopped in a large park and there; were the missing children. All acting like Pokemon. 'What's wrong with them?'

'Pokemonitis.' Brock said before explaining, 'The kids that were affected by the sleep wave must think that they're Pokemon right now.'

'So that means Misty too?'


'Ayumi probably got affected too. She's got to be here if all the missing kids are.'

Officer Jenny, seeing a little girl splashing in a puddle and acting like a Magikarp, pulled her up, 'Come on kids, wake up. All of your parents are worried sick.' The girl pulled away in refusal and went back to splashing.

Naruto looked around for the silverette and spotted her a short distance away curled up like she was taking a nap with her hair in a braid that she habitually did before sleeping. The blue-eyed trainer shook her and called, 'Hey Ayumi, wake up.'

Ayumi raised her head, with her eyes open and glazed, before closing in slits and tilting her head, 'Nya?'

The blond face palmed when he recognized what Pokemon the albino breeder thought she was, 'She thinks she's a Skitty.' Naruto tried to get her attention, 'Come on, Ayumi.'

'Nya.' She turned away uninterested before spotting her braid and tried to chase it.

'Well, she does act like a real Skitty.' Naruto commented and thought of something.

When the silverette caught her braid and pawed at it, she heard the whiskered trainer call her. 'Here Ayumi. Do you want to play with this?'

Naruto waved Meowth with his tail swishing just above his trainer's following eyes. The normal type did not enjoy being waved around by the whiskered, tried to scratch him, 'Let go o' me! I'm all for helping Ayumi, but why are ya making me be the bait?!'

'You were the closest, but we have to lead her back to the others somehow, and Skitty-which she happens to think she is right now-are known to like play with moving objects.' The blond explained. 'Besides, she likes you so she should recognize you even like this.'

Meowth didn't have a chance to retort as the silverette tried to grab at his tail and was only spared with Naruto's quick reflexes. The pace back to the group wasn't too slow with Ayumi going on all fours before standing on her feet and chasing as the normal type clung onto the Unova-native's shoulder for the safety of his tail; the blond had forgotten that Skitty stood on their hind legs sometimes.

With Ayumi running behind, Naruto got back to stop in front of the group with the silverette a short distance away. 'So did you find Ayumi?' Ash asked.

A blur and 'Nyaah!' were his responses as the hypnotized albino grabbed Meowth and nuzzled him as well as gnawed on the poor normal type.

Naruto sweat dropped, 'So you guys have any ideas how to snap everyone out of this?'

'I had just thought that perhaps Drowzee's sleep waves could counteract the one that is affecting the children.' The gentleman informed, absolutely positive that it would work, and everyone agreeing with no other ideas available as they led the hypnotized girls back to the club.

With Misty and Ayumi seated in chairs as they continued to act like their designated Pokemon with Drowzee standing on the display table in front of them. When it used its hypnotic wave, the girls slowly fell into a dreamlike trance with Naruto, Ash, Brock, Jenny and the club members watching.

The psychic type clapped when it was done, snapping the water type specialist and breeder awake. Both looked around faintly confused, 'Huh? Where am I?' Misty asked.

Meowth leapt onto his trainer's lap relieved as Ayumi tilted her head, 'I'm back here again? I thought I went back to the Pokemon Center?'

'You're looking a little tired, Misty.' Ash commented with the redhead quickly standing up with her fist raised.

'I'll have your opinion when I ask for it!'

The Ketchum eye smiled similar to Kakashi as he said to Brock, 'She's back to normal alright!'

The silverette asked the blond as they watched the group's interactions, 'Did I miss something?'

'You've been missing for three days due to Hypno's sleep waves. Meowth, Rhapsody and I were really worried you know.' Naruto stated as he gave his travelling companion her belongings back.

'Really? I'm sorry for that; I must've really held us back from Lavender Town.' The albino apologized as she pet her-normally speaking-feline Pokemon.

'It's alright; Jessie and James opened up a beauty salon at Scissor Street, so we can't really leave yet unless they want to stay anyway.'

'Breeder's Lane, huh? I've always wanted to go there.'

Brock heard the mention of the well-known part of Celadon City for breeders, he jumped into the conversation, 'We're planning to go there next.'

'We are?' Ash said confusedly.

'Is there a shop you want to go to there, Brock?' Naruto asked; remember to go there to buy some things for Iruka. He did see bandages and bite marks on the older breeder after sending his newborn Pokemon over. It was the least he could do.

Brock froze slightly, 'Yeah, a breeder's that I'm a big fan of.'

Officer Jenny saw that the groups were getting sidetracked and gathered their attention, 'Come on everyone, we have those kids and Pokemon to help.'

The groups nodded as Ash carried Drowzee on his back before they started to run back to the park and bring the children back to normal first.

It went well as Drowzee's sleep waves brought the kids to normal; they spoke of their dreams for the future before heading on their way, and the mother from before ran to her son as she embraced him in joy and relief.

The next stop was to the Pokemon Center, healing the exhausted Pokemon, and watching as they recovered with vigor. Jenny had left to return the Drowzee back to the Pokemon Lover's Club and make a report on the solved case, Nurse Joy looked down a little saddened, 'What's wrong, Nurse Joy?' Brock wondered.

'All the Pokemon are fine, but this one is still holding its head.' The pink haired nurse sighed in concern as she stared at the Psyduck.

'But that Psyduck looks pretty healthy, doesn't it?' Ayumi asked to Naruto as he nodded and were ignored.

'Don't worry Nurse Joy! I'm a Pokemon Breeder and I think I'll be able to take care of it.'

'Thank you, Brock. I'll leave it in your hands.'

'That's what I said, but I have no clued what's wrong with it.' The older Breeder said as he walked with Ash, Misty, and the Psyduck in tow as well as Naruto and Ayumi a short distance from them behind. 'Why don't you take it Misty? It is a water type, after all.'

'No way, I don't want a boring Pokemon.'

Naruto merely stated, 'You guys do know that Psyduck normally hold their head due to headaches, right?'

'Daddy always knows! He has a Psyduck too after all!' Rhapsody chimed happily after she'd been let out once they weren't in the city area.

The group looked in surprise before Ash went to his Poke-deck for confirmation, 'Psyduck constantly suffers from a headache.'

Misty pointed at the yellow duck, 'You mean this thing always has a headache?!'

At that moment, the redhead tripped over a rock and her Poke-ball fell out and in front of the Psyduck, who oddly tapped at it and got itself captured.

'Well you don't see that very often.' The blond said with nods of agreement from his group as they stood in the sidelines as Misty sulked at her new and unintentionally caught Pokemon.

'Congratulations on your new Pokemon, Misty.' The Meloetta and albino said at the same time mischievously.

'Don't congratulate me!' The water type specialist yelled.

A few days later

'I wonder where they could be?' Ayumi asked her traveling companion as they watched Brock glance side-to-side from the buildings.

'They should be here somewhere.' Naruto stated as he saw some of the Pokemon fashions that he knew would have his mom in either a field day or a rampage.

Misty ran ahead to look at a poster with an Ekans in a dress and green bow, a Koffing with a little tutu, orange bow and a flower, a mildly fluffed up Vulpix with booties and ribbons on its tails and neck, and a Smoochum in a small dress with a tiara on its head. 'This must be the latest fashion! It's so cute!'

'That's cute?' Ash stared at the poster and couldn't see what the redhead did, before he got dragged along by Misty to see the salon.

'It looks a little over done.' The silverette sweat dropped as she glanced before following as she knew that those were Jessie and James' Pokemon.

'They have some modesty, at least I hope so.'

'Salon Rose… I think I'm going to get in line.' Misty said with Ash gaping before Brock exclaimed as he pointed to a simple looking building.

'There!' He ran to the door with a Vulpix on it. 'I've been looking all over for this place!' The older Breeder shakily reached for the door with a blush and sweat on his face.

Ash didn't seem to notice as he easily grasped the door and opened it with Misty, Naruto and Ayumi following behind, 'What are you so nervous about?'

A woman's voice called out, 'Hi, can I help you?'

Brock yelled before leaping into the store before the door closed, knowing he probably wouldn't be able to get in on his own. The groups watched as a woman with greenish hair massage a Chansey that was glowing and filled with energy as it posed in front of the mirror before its owner came in to pick up their Pokemon and thanking the Breeder that was named Suzie.

She asked to help the groups, with Ash saying they were browsing and Brock stopping him before Misty pointed out a sleeping Vulpix.

'That Vulpix is so cute! You just want to hug it!' The groups quietly went closer to the sleeping fire type.

As Misty got closer to touching it, Suzie shouted in warning, but only to be ignored as Vulpix breathed fire on her in mid-praise before it left back into its chair to sleep.

'I'm sorry about Vulpix. It doesn't like to be touched by strangers.'

'Wish I knew sooner.' The burnt girl groaned.

Brock got Suzie's attention before he stammered his introduction and asking to be her pupil as he bowed.

'I don't have any time to take any students.'

Ash asked why Brock was doing this for another Breeder; to be yelled at as the male Breeder informed the groups on Suzie's success as well as her Vulpix's, and had to be stopped by both Ash and Naruto, who got the point.

'So you five are on a journey together?' Suzie asked.

'Actually we're separate groups.' Naruto replied, 'Ayumi and I are from other regions.'

'Naruto's a Pokemon trainer and Coordinator that's great at making his Pokemon shine, and I'm a breeder.'

Everyone went to a spot to talk with Pikachu, Meowth and Rhapsody eating their food made by Brock, Ayumi, and Naruto respectively. The green haired Breeder looked at the three happily eating Pokemon and praised, 'They each have beautiful coats and hair. Brock, do you make Pikachu's food? As well as you two for your own Pokemon?'

Naruto and Ayumi nodded as the blond spoke, 'Our Pokemon's food is individualized for each of our Pokemon's taste and diet. They're our own recipes to make our Pokemon healthy, beautiful, and strong.'

Misty responded for Brock, 'It is Brock's own recipes too.'

'I also became a Breeder when I first became interested in Pokemon nutrition.' Suzie said before they noticed Vulpix leaping in front of Pikachu's bowl and staring at the food. The electric type offered one, with it accepting it to taste as it smiled and ate another one.

'I can't believe Vulpix is eating the food I made.' Brock said in awe.

'Vulpix never eats food that isn't especially prepared by myself; you must be an amazing Breeder, Brock.' Suzie praised.

'Thank you, Vulpix!' Brock happily cheered before bowing very low and hitting his head on the table as he said, 'I'm not worthy.'

'By the way Suzie, is super fancy looking Pokemon that we saw passing by the latest trend?'

'We passed by a really tacky looking place.' Ash added with the two foreign trainers wondering how their older friends would react if they heard this.

'Trainers have been trying to make their Pokemon as flashy as possible ever since it opened.' The green haired Breeder explained.

'So that's what started the trend.'


'A Breeder always tries to bring out their Pokemon's inner personality and beauty, but looking flashy and focusing on what's on the outside.'

'I don't like it either.' Ash agreed.

'I think Pokemon like to dress up and show off sometimes.' Misty countered, creating an argument between the two on outer beauty and inner beauty with Suzie wonder if someone should stop them.

'I think everyone has their own opinions in raising their Pokemon.' Naruto stated making them pause, 'You do have a point that inner beauty is what matters, but sometimes the things the Pokemon wear means something to them. Both inner and outer beauty counts.'

'That's right. I gave Meowth that Eviolite necklace after I caught him and he hardly ever takes it off.' The silverette added.

'As a coordinator, I make my Pokemon shine inside and out.'

'As a Breeder, I have my Pokemon reach and surpass their potential.'

'You two have interesting views.' Suzie commented with the duo grinning.

'Well I still think inner beauty is more important.' Ash stated with Misty saying that she'd prove him wrong by going to the salon with her Psyduck.

Suzie watched as the redhead left before sighing, 'Ever since that new salon opened up, I've been doubting my methods.'

Brock stood up, 'Don't say that, Suzie. We'll help show trainers that a Pokemon's inner beauty is what counts.'

'Brock's right, it's what's on the inside that's important. Right, Pikachu?'


'How?' The older female Breeder asked.

'If they go flashy, we'll go simple and lasting.' Naruto grinned with Ayumi sighing.

'It looks like Jessie and James might lose their customers.'

People soon filled Suzie's salon as Brock announced that there would be a lecture on Pokemon care with massages as Suzie demonstrated on Pikachu while Naruto was doing the same with Aoi that he switched out for this, as well as Ayumi for her Scyther.

'It is necessary that after your Pokemon is injured in battle; that you give it a therapeutic massage.' Suzie stated and the blond and silver duo nodding.

The three stopped as the green haired Breeder had Ash stand behind his Pikachu, 'At the end of the lecture, Ash, Naruto, and Ayumi will be demonstrating what we've discussed. As for a Pikachu, we know that a Pikachu stores its electricity in its cheeks and can become very tense after a battle.' Said electric type nodded to that, and Ash gave Pikachu an enjoyable massage on its cheeks.

'For a Nidorina, as a poison type, can exude poison from her spikes, which can make giving this type a massage a little more difficult, but these Pokemon are known to hide their poisonous barbs to prevent getting others injured incidentally.' Aoi showed this by tucking away her spikes. 'As Nidorina fight with their fangs and claws; massage them by their jaws gently and their paws after a strenuous battle.' Naruto gave his Nidorina a massage in the areas mentioned, and had Aoi happily making a somewhat purring sound.

'Finally, a Scyther can experience pain in their joints after long amounts of battle as well their scythes dulling, therefore it is recommended to massage the joints and sharpen their scythes.' The silverette did just that as a rumbling Scyther basked in his trainer's massage and scythe polishing.

'Good communication between a Pokemon and their trainer is essential, and brings out a Pokemon's trust and personality.' Suzie finished saying as the three trainers continued massaging their Pokemon.

Brock stated to this, 'I think Suzie will agree that a method will work with depending on any trainer or Breeder using it.' His comment received muttering and three trainers looking at their own Pokemon before sighing.

Meanwhile with Misty

The people that had been waiting in line had slowly left without the redhead paying attention, and the person that was at Suzie's salon earlier had told her that there a lecture on Pokemon care with the topic this time being massage.

As Jessie and James were adding finishing touches to their client's Squirtle by painting roses on its shell, a pink bow on its tail and a wig. Welcoming in their next costumer, they were surprised it was the girl that was usually with the kid that brought them trouble.

Thinking a little payback was in order; they grabbed Misty and pulled her for a little… makeover. 'Wait, not me; Psyduck.' After seeing the first part she liked the look and asked to try out more, with the two former Team Rocket members agreeing.

After a little while, the redhead decided to make side-conversation, 'You know you two remind me of two really annoying people I know from Team Rocket. Of course, there's no way you could know who I'm talking about.'

The two gained tick marks as Jessie stated, 'Are you trying to insult us miss?'

'It isn't wise to anger the people doing your makeover. It could… make you end up looking like Frankenstein.' James said, already preparing gray face paint.

'Ah… I don't want a face like Frankenstein… Hey Psyduck, help!'

At that, Jessie and James looked around for the Psyduck that came into the salon with Misty, only find it gone.

Misty frowned at her Pokemon leaving her behind, 'Psyduck.'

The water type ran to Suzie's crowded salon as it ran through the sea of legs and finally to the groups. Pikachu jumped down to ask what was wrong as Psyduck yelled that Misty needed help before giving itself a headache.

Pikachu immediately turned around to tell Ash, 'You think something happened to Misty?' The Electric Mouse gave a nod and he along with Brock and Psyduck ran off to Jessie and James's salon.

While that was happening, Naruto, Ayumi, Rhapsody, and Meowth were having a quiet talk away from anyone. 'You think those two caused trouble?'

'It's our specialty, of course they caused trouble!'

Saans mein teri saans mili to mujhe saans aayi. When your breath mixed in my breath, I was able to breathe. ~Saans~ Song From Jab Tak Hai Jaan Audio with (Screen Lyricz) Singer (S)-Mohit Chauhan & Shreya. Saans me teri song free download. Subscribe Now: Stay updated! Watch Full Movie on: ▻ Google Play - http://goo.gl/u85hFB.

'Does that mean their new salon is going to go boom?'

'Probably. Or they'll be chased by a mob.'

'Use Teleport to bring them back?'

'If we have to.'

'I'll go get Alakazam; tell me how it goes. Return Scyther. Let's go make a call, Meowth.'

As the silverette left, Suzie asked, 'Should we go after your friends?'

Naruto nodded as he recalled Aoi and Rhapsody became invisible, 'Yeah let's go.'

When the Unova-native and the green haired breeder got to Salon Rose; it was a large battle platform, with Misty tied to a chair at the peak of a long flight of stairs. Jessie and James were battling well as they used their Ekans's and Koffing's outfits to their advantage, and blinded Pikachu and Geodude.

They tripped and tore their outfits, but it didn't stop them from getting up to continue. Suzie's Vulpix intercepted their next attacks of Sludge Bomb and Poison Sting with a Fire Spin as she said, 'Can't you see that all Pokemon are beautiful on the inside? They don't need things on the outside to enhance their beauty.'

'Heh, looks like you don't pay attention to others much.' Jessie countered, 'There's Pokemon Contests and they're almost all about outer beauty.'

'Besides, we were only in it for the money.' James admitted, 'We just happened to get gullible trainers that actually liked our random fashion trend.' The magenta haired woman hit him over the head for spitting that fact out.

'And this little girl had the nerve to badmouth us in our own salon, even though we aren't in Team Rocket anymore.'

The last part was muttered and ignored as Suzie and Vulpix stepped forward, 'Vulpix and I will take care of this.'

'I can help if you want, Suzie.' Naruto stated with the former Team Rocket members slightly paling and sweating at the thought of their younger and stronger friend joining the fight; they'd lose even if he was holding back.

The green haired Breeder shook her head, 'Thank you for the offer Naruto, but I have to do this myself. You two only focus on a Pokemon's outer beauty, and as a result their inner beauty will be lost.'

'All that counts is a pretty face, now attack!' Jessie called as Ekans and Koffing charged forward.

'Wrap them up with Fire Spin!' Suzie called out as the Fox Pokemon breathed out the large flame that engulfed both Jessie and James and their Pokemon as it spun and went closer to Misty.

'Wait don't Fire Spin me! Help! Help! Help!' The makeup covered redhead cried as she struggled in her chair.

When the form Team Rocket duo were sent flying a distance and close to becoming specks, a faint 'Teleport' was heard before they vanished and Ayumi appeared with Meowth by her side as she went up to her blond friend. 'So where did you send them?' Naruto whispered.

'At the edge of Scissor Street, you still have to get things for Iruka too, right?'

'Yeah, but I'll feel sorry for those two when they get chased by a mob of angry customers.'


As Psyduck had gone up to its very irate trainer and Brock explained to the crowd of not to focus too deeply on a Pokemon's outer beauty, Ash asked them, 'So where were you guys this whole time?'

'I followed right behind you and Ayumi changed out her Pokemon, but I guess we weren't really needed today.' Naruto sheepishly answered he scratched the back of head.

The blond and silver duo left Ash's group and Suzie to buy supplies for their older Breeders when the cerulean eyed boy suddenly snickered with the albino wondering, 'What are you laughing about?'

'I just thought about what Jessie and James did with Misty's makeup; it's too funny.' Naruto said in between laughs with Ayumi tilting her head since she wasn't able to see Misty up close.

After he calmed down, Jessie and James were back in their Ace Trainer outfits as they made sure to be unrecognizable by having the magenta's hair down in a long feathered braid and the blunette wearing thick fake glasses. 'Hurry up you two, we have to get out of town!' Jessie whispered loudly as she and James looked around cautiously.

'Where are we going now?' Meowth asked from his spot as he hung on his trainer's shoulder.

'Lavender Town is the next stop; we need to catch some ghost types before Saffron City.' Naruto said with a shiver running up his spine.

'Alright, ghost types!' Ayumi cheered with the blond dreading it.

Pokemon Glazed Swimsuit Location

A/N: And that's chapter 8! With Naruto, Ayumi, Jessie and James, getting tons of new Pokémon in this. This was mostly a compilation of episodes set in Celadon City that I just had to add, and before anyone comments about Ericka's battle being short or my skipping of the rest of the tournament battles; Ericka didn't really show much of her skills in the anime and I therefore couldn't do much, and I kind of ran out of battle scenes after the battle with Ino and Shikamaru.

I would also like to mention that Ayumi is actually based off of my best friend with my hair style; the fact she looks a little like Ino skipped my mind, but it sounded fun to see them argue, and her outfit from the Pokémon beauty contest isn't mine, but I give credit to that person; just search Milotic personification and you'll find the picture.

Also for those asking for a pairing between Naruto and the OC; they're both only ten, and in my opinion is a little young, and I'm not doing any pairings to start with, but when I get to the Johto arc I might accept pairings.

As for Salon Rose; since Jessie and James aren't in Team Rocket anymore, I felt that I couldn't use the old name of Salon Roquet, so I went with Rose due to always seeing them use roses in their motto.

Now onto Naruto, Ayumi, Jessie, and James's Pokémon:


Meloetta;female (Rhapsody)

Fearow;male (Falco)

Leafeon;male (Aki)-currently at Uzu-Nami Ranch

Umbreon;male (Haru)-currently at Uzu-Nami Ranch

Charizard;male (Taiyou)

Gyarados[Shiny];female (Umi)-currently at Uzu-Nami Ranch

Pichu;male (Teru)-currently at Uzu-Nami Ranch

Nidorina;female (Aoi)-currently at Uzu-Nami Ranch

Igglybuff;female (Mao)-currently at Uzu-Nami Ranch

Clefairy;female (Hoshi)-currently at Uzu-Nami Ranch

Seadra;female-currently at Uzu-Nami Ranch

Gloom;male-currently at Uzu-Nami Ranch

Squirtle;male-currently at Uzu-Nami Ranch

Magnemite;genderless-currently at Uzu-Nami Ranch

Vespiquen;female-currently at Uzu-Nami Ranch

Psyduck;female-currently at Uzu-Nami Ranch

Milotic;female-currently at Uzu-Nami Ranch



Ponyta;female-currently at Uzu-Nami Ranch

Meowth;female (called Meowri by Meowth)-currently at Uzu-Nami Ranch

Dratini;male-currently at Uzu-Nami Ranch

Porygon;genderless-currently at Uzu-Nami Ranch

Larvitar;male-currently at Uzu-Nami Ranch





Gloom;female-currently at Devon Family Ranch

Mothim;male-currently at Devon Family Ranch


Machamp;male-currently at Devon Family Ranch

Clefairy;male-currently at Devon Family Ranch

Seadra;male-currently at Devon Family Ranch

Sneasel;male-currently at Devon Family Ranch


Squirtle;male-currently at Devon Family Ranch


Milotic;male-currently at Devon Family Ranch

Milotic;female-currently at Devon Family Ranch

Ditto;genderless-currently at Devon Family Ranch


Dratini;male-currently at Devon Family Ranch

Eevee;male-currently at Devon Family Ranch

Scyther;male-currently at Devon Family Ranch

Larvitar;male-currently at Devon Family Ranch

Shinx;female-currently at Devon Family Ranch

Eevee;female-currently at Devon Family Ranch




Feebas Egg









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