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Jump to History - After producing versions 1.0 through 3.0, Crystal Services was. 2007 and released Crystal Reports 2011 (version 14) on May 3, 2011. Crystal Reports 2016 (version 14.2.x) Crystal Reports 2013 (version 14.1.x) Crystal Reports 2011 (version 14.0.x) Crystal Reports for Visual Studio or Eclipse (version 13.x) Crystal Reports 2008 (version 12.x) Crystal Reports XI R2 (version 11.5.x) Crystal Reports versions prior to and including 10.x are no longer available.

I'm building a winforms application using a crystalreportviewer control (version 10.5.3700.0). Application works fine (it loads report from resources and displays it fine).But when I put my application on server (other pc) that has runtime in versions 12.0.1100.0 and 12.0.2000.0.My application isn't showing at all, even errors don't show :/

I was trying to use dll's in version 12.0.1100.0 in my application by removing references and adding new, but this generates errors.

I can't install runtime 10.5 on server.


Is it possible to add controls in version 12.0.xxxx to visual studio 2008?How to do that?

I think that if I use version 12.0.xx controls in my application it will work fine.

Please help!!!

What I have done:

I have removed Crystalreportviewer control from toolbox and added new one from dll containing version 12.0, but no luck. 2018 new sinhala songs. Visual is adding control, all references, but control isn't visible :/


2 Answers

Best solution is installing same runtime on the server.
Anyway, you can use this XML in your app.config or web.config:

where oldVersion is the version you use for development and newVersion is the version installed on the server

Emanuele GrecoEmanuele Greco

Well, I have use CrystalReports, but for web. And I faced the same problem. CR is very boring about the versions and other stuff.Our solution in here was keep the 10.5 version and install on the server the same version.But, maybe these links could help you in some way:

Mere brother ki dulhan jo. To download only packages of CrystalReports:http://resources.businessobjects.com/support/additional_downloads/runtime.asp

Crystal Reports Versions List 2016

To look for any kind of CrystalReports downloads:https://websmp230.sap-ag.de/sap%28bD1wdCZjPTAwMQ%29/bc/bsp/spn/bobj_download/main.htm

Lukinha RSLukinha RS

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