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We often struggle to keep our accounts up-to-date. Right from day-to-day expenses to yearly expenses such as policy premium, we have to take special efforts to remember all financial details. However, the risk of missing a credit payment due date or payment of bills is always there. You can now manage all your accounts with an easy and free personal accounting software known as HomeBank.

Free personal accounting software

HomeBank is a personal accounting software that is simple to use and has a user friendly interface. The software lets you keep a track of budgets, archives, assignments, payees and accounts, very easily. There are multiple categories present in HomeBank such as credit card, asset, cash, bank and liabilities.

Features of HomeBank


HomeBank is a feature-rich personal accounting software for Windows 10/8.

  1. First of all, the software is free to download.
  2. It has endless editing and setting options.
  3. You can import data from CSV, OFX, QIF and Amiga. On the other hand, you can export your HomeBank data to QIF format.
  4. It is possible to print all sorts of reports from HomeBank which include budget, overdrawn activities, trend time and statistics. You can also keep a track of automated transactions.
  5. You can make a use of its various graphs and filtering tools.
  6. It supports 56 international languages. So, if you are not an English speaker, not to worry. You can certainly choose your own language.
  7. HomeBank, the personal accounting software is available on Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, and GNU/Linux. It was ported by third party to NMacOSX.

Getting started with HomeBank

Downloading HomeBank software is easy. Its size is approximately 11 MB and it doesn’t have much system requirements. All you have to do is to download the setup file and start the installation process.

After the installation, a page appears asking the users to select what they want to do. If you are a new user, you will need to select ‘Create a new file‘. And if you already have some existing data on the HomeBank file, then you can select ‘Open an existing file‘. There are other options such as ‘Read HomeBank Manual’, ‘Configuration Preferences‘ and ‘Open the example file‘.

If you choose ‘Open an existing file’ then following window appears:

If you click on ‘New File’, then following window appears:

The file gets the name of the system by default, which you can change. Once the file gets a name, the HomeBank software selects the language for the app. This is again the system language by default, which you can change.

Now you need to enter the account information, as follows:

  • Name: Name of the account
  • Type: Select from the drop down list of Bank, Cash, Asset, Credit Card and Liability.

Then enter the initial balance and the balance overdrawn at:

Free Home Accounting Software

Once you have entered the details, the application asks for your confirmation. When you confirm the details, a dashboard appears displaying the details of the account you just created.

The dashboard displays three types of details namely:

  1. Your Accounts: Displays details about your account
  2. Where your money goes: Displays details about your expenditures
  3. Scheduled Transactions: You can schedule the transactions that reoccur on regular intervals.

HomeBank software free download

Free Home Accounting Software Download

Free Home Accounting Software Microsoft

Overall, HomeBank for Windows, is simple and user-friendly personal accounting software for Windows 8. Try it out and let us know your take on this. Click here to visit its download page.

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