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  1. Google Play Apk Download For Kindle
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  3. Google Play Apk Download For Tablet

Today, we will discuss the steps to get the Google Play Store Download for your Android devices. Also, we’ll provide the exact links to the Play Store APK and guide you through the procedure to Download Play Store App on your Android as well as other devices like Kindle, BlackBerry, and the Android tablets.

We all must be knowing what the Play Store for Android actually is. Well, though not formally, we would like to introduce to you the Google Playstore Download as the app store download which contains an immense number of apps and games for the Android compatible devices. It provides a wide range of services from entertainment to gaming tools and from study tools to WiFi protective apps.

If you wish to understand the process behind the Google Play Store APK Download and Download Play Store for other devices like Kindle and BlackBerry, then continue reading this article to know more about all this. We have elaborated more information in each separate sections of the article under specific headings.

Note: We are not associated with the official developers in any way, this site only provides and links out to the direct official link so that users can easily install this application.

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Feb 1, 2018 - Fire tablets only let you download apps from the Amazon App Store, but if you. To install Google Play on a Kindle Fire following instructions from the XDA. Now we're going to install some APK files (that's an Android file. Tap to install Google Play Services and reboot the tablet. Transfer Google APK files to the Download folder on Kindle Fire HDX. Use ES File Explorer to Install Google apps. Here's how to. This guide shows you how to install Google Play Store on the Kindle Fire HD. This guide shows you how to install Google Play Store on the Kindle Fire HD. And the Google Play Store APK files to.

Google Play Store APK Download for Android:

To begin with, we would like to point out this fact that in numbers there are more users of Android OS devices across the world. We know that the ecosystem of Android is such a huge market for any single app market to handle. Although, the Google Play Store Download is effective for a majority of the users to find the right app of their choice.

In this section of the article, we will guide our readers through the steps to download the APK file for your Android device.

Google Play Store App Download:Details
Versionv 7.1.40 (Android 7.0+)
App Size12.12 MB
Available Onplaystoreapp.co
Features of AppOfficial application
Display240, 320, 480dpi
Latest Update24th Jan 2017


  • 3 Google Play Store Download for PC:
Firstly, you need to check out some of the basic system requirements of the APK file with your Android device. Here are the points for the same;
  • Your Android device must be an Android version 4.0 or higher.
  • It must have about 1GB RAM (or higher)
  • There should be about 100MB free space on the disk.
  • You will need to install this application first.

So, carefully check out these requirements to avoid the compatibility issues and then proceed. Now, in order for you to manually download Play Store APK on your Android device, you will have to configure your device settings. To do this;

  • Go to “Settings” menu on your Android smartphone.
  • Click on the “applications settings” menu tab.
  • Scroll to look for the “Unknown Sources” option and enable it.
  • Simply click on the checkbox given to enable the option.
  • Exit the settings menu after this.

After these changes in the settings menu, your Android device is fully ready for the installation of the Google Play Store App Install. All you now need is the Play Store APK file to Download Playstore. Follow these steps here to complete the process;

  1. Click on the link below to get the latest Play Store APK file from this safe and reliable source:
  2. On clicking this link, the APK file will automatically download to your device.
  3. File size is 17MB only, so it will not take much time to complete.
  4. Next, click the APK file and run it on your Android device.
  5. You will see the description page of the application, at the end of which, you will find the “install” option.
  6. Click on “install” tab to begin the installation process.
  7. Wait for the installation process to complete.
  8. Finally, select “open” or “finish” at the end of the process.

In this manner, users who do not have the latest version of the Google Play Store APK on their device will be able to have one. Most naturally, Android devices come with the Play Store Download in your device at purchase time but in case you do not have, this method is the most suitable for you all.

Google Play Store App Settings

By the time you download and install the Play Store APK file, the setup will be complete as per requirement for the application. This was just the framework which you completed. You also need to make necessary changes in the app settings so as to make use of its deliberate services.

Now, the most important set of settings change was explained in the above section. You can change the ‘Unknown sources’ option again after installing the Google Playstore APK on your Android device successfully. Simply you will have to click on the tick box and disable the option. This way, your device will not be able to install any app manually.

When the Play Store Download and installation is complete, you will have to launch the app store on your device. There, you will be asked to link an official Google Account that you hold to make it your Playstore ID. You will have to create one if you do not have one.

Enter the email address and its appropriate password to confirm the validity of your account. Google Play Store APK will authenticate the account credentials and then your app store will become live for you.

Google Play Store Download for PC:

Having all the apps on your Android device is a magical experience but we know that it is not practically possible to carry more than 5 big size apps at a time. So, instead of putting all the apps on your smartphone device, why don’t you try to have some apps on your PC device.

Yes, friends! You can use the Google Play Store Download app on your PC device to make the same use as on the Android device. If we take a look at the major advantages of the PC devices, here are the points to support the fact;

  • PC devices have more battery power,
  • Provide more RAM and device storage memory,
  • The visual presentation is better than that of the small screen mobile devices. (an advantage for gaming and Tv watching apps)

Hence, you can see that having an app store like Google Playstore on your PC device will definitely give you the perks. Unfortunately, there is no official .exe file for the Play Store Download to get it on your PC. We will be using the Android emulator method to get the Play Store APK run on our PC device.

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An Android emulator is a Software application which intends to run the APK file for any Andriod app on the PC device. The application is similar to the app store itself in terms that it can search for the APK files through its search tool. In this section of the article, we will guide you through the steps to complete this process too.

Firstly, if you do not have an Android emulator program on your PC, then you will have to download one. We have provided the steps to get the Bluestacks application on your PC device. You will be using this recommendation to run the Play Store APK on your PC device. Follow these steps below to proceed with this process;

  • Click on the link below to download Bluestacks application on your PC.
  • After downloading the .exe file, click on it and run it on your PC.
  • Select the “install” option there in the dialogue box, and allow the application to be installed on your PC.
  • After the installation completes, launch the Bluestacks and enter the Gmail Account details in it.
  • Search for the Google Play Store Download and the appropriate option will appear on the screen.
  • Allow the purchase and continue with the installation process.
  • After installing the Playstore App, you will be able to find the app store icon under the “All Apps” option of the Bluestacks application.

Whenever the user wishes to reach the Google Play Store App Install, he/she will be able to access it using the Bluestacks application. The user can also use the Play Store APK file and open it with Bluestacks to install it directly onto your PC via the Bluestacks app.

Guide to Google Play Store on Desktop Web?

You have seen the above method of getting the Play Store App on your PC device to use it there. Well, there is another way too to access the apps on your Android device. It are also available online through the Web portal over the internet. We can access our accounts and purchase apps from there too.

We will guide our readers to use the Play Store Desktop Web service to install the Android apps. All you require is An Android device with registered application and a computer with the latest version of a good Web browser. We prefer the Google Chrome web browser so that your Gmail log in can be easily linked with it.

Follow these steps to complete the process;

  • On your PC device, open the link below on the latest browser to reach the official Web page of Google Play Store APK;
  • When the application site loads up, the user can search for his/her desired application or games or other services like e-books, movies, songs, etc.
  • To open up the app’s downloading page, simply click on the app and reach the description page of the app.
  • Read all the info there, check the compatibility points of the same and then click on the install tab there.
  • You will be asked to log in to your Google Account so that your account can be located on your Android device.
  • Finally, the process will commence where the app on your Android device will be installed.

When the Google Playstore application will run on your Android device, you will get the app which you had chosen on your PC device. This is the power of the Web service of Play Store Download. Follow these steps accordingly and get through the process successfully.

How to Update Google Play Store?

An app store in this era needs to be regularly updated or atleast up to date all the time right. Well, even the Play Store App is supposed to be updated at a certain period of time to get all the latest apps from it. But, the process is not as straight as we think. The app store can easily update apps inside it but no one really thought of the app store updating.

In this section, we will describe how to check for updates and easily update Google Play Store APK. In the article you’ve will surely get Google Play Store Update version, we get the latest version directly. But, if we have to download and install APK files for the same every time then it would become hectic.

Google Play Apk Download For Kindle

Follow these steps here to understand how to update Google Play store application;

  • You will have to download Play Store APK and install the app successfully first.
  • Then, launch the app store on your Android device and tap on the options menu. This is a three lines small icon on the top-right corner of the app store.
  • A new options panel will slide out from which you will select the “Settings” menu.
  • Next, scroll down to find the “Build version” option in the menu.
  • You will have to tap on that option too and soon a pop up will emerge on the screen.
  • The pop up will say either that there is a new version of the update for the app store or will show that the app store version is the latest of all.
  • Tap “Ok” when the message showing that the update is available pops up.
  • The system will automatically update Play Store App. You will see a change in the Build number itself.

The ‘Build number’ option shows the Play Store Download version that you have on your device. If there will be no more updates available then the clear message will appear on the screen. You will also have to select “Ok” here to close the pop-up instruction.

Best Alternative Apps of Google Playstore:

It is also important for us to let you know that there are several alternatives of the download Play Store app. Well, we will discuss few amongst them here in this section of the article. There are alternatives which compensate the users for such premium apps. Firstly, we all know that there is no perfect app in the world.

As an App store, the Google Play Store application serves a great purpose but yet it has few flaws in its system. Due to several reasons, people would like to also give a try to the alternatives to the Play Store APK download for the Android devices. One of the reason here is that the store has many premium apps and does not provide any discount on ’em.

Hence, here are some of the alternatives that we consider worth a shot too;


This is an app market which holds about 100,000 apps and games in it for all Android users. The app store is quite worthy of what it has. It is an open source application market where users can get free apps from it.

The users of the Aptoide market have access to many apps and games as well, they can share their apps with the store itself. The users get to create their space on the app store to share their apps with people. The application serves all Android users and also the users of the Kindle devices.


Another worthy alternative to the download Play Store app. We have Mobogenie which is another app market that provides its users with free apps and games. The developers of the application market claim that the app has an ‘intelligent sensor’ and recommend the type of apps users would like.

These statistics are based on the previous purchases the users make on the Mobogenie app store. The application market also houses an internal file manager to manage apps and its cache files for the users.

9Apps Store:

Though in quantity the app store is small, but it is more effective compared to other large app stores. The 9Apps Store provides a number of free games and apps to its users. Together with all this, it provides ample of tools like compare tools for apps, gadgets, services, etc.

The major or striking feature of this app store is it delivers everything at a very high speed. Fast downloads are always expected with 9Apps Store in any kind of service it offers. This is also a good alternative to download Play Store app.

There are several more alternatives in the market that you can look up for. Some of these are; F-Droid, SideME, Amazon App Store, GetJar, AppBrain, and few more. You can use our recommendations by reading this information or you can look for more options on the web. We hope that you find the best alternative to Google Play Download soon.

How to Download Android Apps with Google Play Store

The Google Play Store App navigation is smooth and easy for any users to find the app they desire. Although, the system always matches the keywords that are in the search bar. In order for our readers to easily use the app store to get their apps, we will guide you all using few tips here.

Consider these points and follow them to get your desired apps from the Google Play APK;

  • Firstly, you need to provide your Gmail account details into the app store to make purchases.
  • Then, when you enter the app store, you can use the search tool to look for your app.
  • If you are looking for an app of some category but do not know the name of the app, then you can select the category option and then look for top apps in that category.
  • Here is the link you can use to reach the apps page directly on your application.
  • You will see many categories and top apps that you may wish to have.
  • Also, the app store will provide recommendations which are trending on the Google Play Download.
  • So, here you have learned some tips and tactics to tackle yourself through the Google Play Store for Android. Use our tips to find your desired app in the app store easily.

Download Android Games using Play Store?

Here, the users have access to the thousands of games too in the app store. For Game lovers, there are special categories and the section on the app store. We will also guide you through the specific gaming modules that the app store provides. To download a game from the Google Play Store, you need to follow these steps;

  • You will need direct access to the download Play Store app on your Android device.
  • Then, if you know the name of the game, then search for it and if you do not know, then look for it under the games option provided.
  • Simply click on the “games” category and you will move to a new page filled with all the latest and top games on the app store.
  • You have many subcategories like the following there: “Action, Adventure, arcade, Casino, Educational, Puzzles, Role Playing, Sports, Word, etc”
  • On selecting any of the categories here, you will be directed to the top and latest versions of the games in that particular category.

When you find your desired game, click on it and enter its description page. Then, look for the compatibility points and cross check them before downloading the game on your device. If all is ok, then select “install” tab and allow the purchase to take place. Finally, when the installation process is over, you will have your game on your Android device ready for play.

Download Play Store for Blackberry

Blackberry has its own OS but it is compatible with the Android OS integration. The Blackberry integration for its OS was such that it was made compatible with Android applications and games so that there could be a common market for both. In this article here, we will guide you on how to Download Google Play Store App for the Blackberry devices. This is easy and swift as getting it on the Android platform itself.

We request our readers to follow the steps mentioned here carefully to get through the process:

  • In this method, we will be using an Android emulator for the Blackberry device to run the compatible apps on it.
  • The steps are simple as you will have to carry out the emulator download first and then set it for the Play Store installation.
  • On your Blackberry device browser, download the Bluestacks emulator from its main website.
  • Then, install it on your device and launch it by simply clicking on its icon.
  • Enter your Google account details to get through the authorization process.
  • Then search for the Google Play Store APK through Bluestacks.
  • Select the ‘install’ option when you find the appropriate version of the app store.
  • Allow the installation to take place.
  • Finally, the Play Store application will be ready for use under the Bluestacks application on your device.

With this, the setup for the Play Store APK market on your BlackBerry device is complete. Now you can easily download Android apps on Blackberry and enjoy them on your device.

Play Store Download for Nokia Android Smartphones:

The ever-lasting Nokia brand does not thoroughly need our introduction really. It is one of the most expensive brands in mobile technology before the Android or the iOS platform emerged. With the rise of the smartphones, even Nokia took a step to close up with its competitors. It was less successful but it does still exist.

For all Nokia Fans out there, the news is out that Nokia will have their own range of smartphones in this year 2017 itself. So, to handle the demands of its users, there definitely will be the use of an app store that fits best for the brand. We know that Nokia also works on Android compatible integration OS hence, the Play Store will be the most precise option for its users to get apps from.

We will guide you to Download Play Store on your Nokia Android smartphones in this section of the article. Certainly, the system integrates with Android but it is still a Windows phone and hence we need to emulate the Google Play Store APK to run on your Nokia device. Follow these steps to get through the process easily;

  • Firstly you need to download the following tools on your PC device; wconnect tool and Android SDK ADB tool
  • Later, you need to permit the option of “Developer’s Mode” and “Device Discovery” options.
  • Tap on “Open Command Windows” which you will see after you enable the two above options.
  • After that, connect your Nokia Phone with your PC device.
  • Launch the tools and open “ADB folder” and select the option labeled “cmd prompt”
  • You will have to type in the appropriate subject that you are looking for, which in this case is “ADB folder
  • You will see a list of connected devices where you will choose your Nokia device.
  • Select it and the ADB installation option will pop up.
  • The APK file will be saved on your Nokia device from where you can disconnect the device and install the Play Store APK easily.

With this, the setup to download Play Store and install it on Nokia Android phone is complete. We assure you that as soon as the new models will be out, the process will be easier. So stay tuned for the update of this section which we will soon bring up for you.

Google Play Store App for Kindle:

The Amazon Store also unleashed its own OS and devices some time back. We have the Kindle device which works basically on the Amazon Fire OS. This is can also work with integration to the Android OS ecosystem. Although there are apps in the Amazon App Store, they are less in number and reliability as compared to the apps from the Google Play Store for Android (Kindle).

Hence, there is a way to get the Play Store Download in the Kindle device, which we will discuss here. Here are the steps that you will have to follow;

  • You need to get a Root Software from the web on your PC device.
  • Then, connect your Kindle device with your PC having the Software in it.
  • Download Kindle ADB files from the web as well and then allow the option of the ADB use on your device.
  • The drives will install when you connect your Kindle to the PC.
  • Launch the root Software and select the Kindle device for setup.
  • Root your Kindle device with the appropriate backup done before rooting it.
  • Then restart your Kindle device after rooting and download the Play Store APK from any secure source.

Install the Play Store application on your Kindle like any other app. The application will easily adapt to the new root device and allow the installation of Android APK files. This way, you will be able to enjoy numerous amount of apps from the app store itself.

Google Play Store for iOS, iPhone Devices

We firstly know that Android and iOS OS systems do not mix well at all. They are rivals for long and hence they have their own standing app stores. Where Google Play Store serves Android devices, the iTunes App Store and Apple Store serves iOS devices. But, it is also a fact that with developers on the run, this application can be used on the iOS device for gettings apps.

Yes Friends! It is now possible to Download Play Store on your iOS devices. You have two methods as specified over here. Follow the steps carefully for each of the methods;

Using Cydia to Sideload Play Store application:

  • The process works for Jailbroken iOS devices so get your iPhone Jailbreak done first.
  • You need to download Cydia from your Safari Browser on your iOS device after your device is Jailbreak.
  • Launch the Cydia application and under its settings menu, select “Sources >> Edit >> Add” options.
  • A new prompt will appear in front of you where you will have to enter “Bootlace” and run the tool.
  • After running the Bootlace program tool, reboot your iOS device.
  • Download and install iDroid from the Cydia application menu under tools.
  • Open this program too and download the Play Store application by simply searching for it in the search bar.
  • This completes the process here.

Using an Android Emulator:

  1. You will have to get an Android emulator for your iOS device in this method.
  2. Download Bluestacks for iOS or Andy Android emulator on your device and install it.
  3. Next, download the Play Store APK file from a secure source.
  4. Install Play Store on your emulator application successfully.
  5. Finally, you will get the app store for use on your Android emulator program.

With this, the process of Play Store Download for the iOS and iPhone devices is complete. Try to do all this but remember that your iOS device must be Jailbreak for the methods to work. Considering the risk of this, the apps from the app store are so much worth.

Play Store Download for Android Tablet

We are familiar with the Tablet devices I guess. They are bigger in size and slightly heavier as compared to the Android smartphone devices. As iOS has the iPad, the Android OS has the Android Tablet devices. These also have similar purposes of use to the smartphones but, are majorly used for gaming and TV or movie watching.

Therefore, to get a variety of apps and games on the Android tablet device, there is the Play Store Download which will serve the purpose here. Here are the steps to Download Play Store on your Android Tablets;

  • Firstly configure your Tablet device for the manual installation by enabling the “unknown sources” option under application settings menu.
  • Then, download the Play Store APK file on your Android tablet device. Use this link to download the APK file of the Google Play Store App Download.
  • After downloading the file, click on it and select the “install” tab to run the installation process.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.

Finally, at the end of the installation process, you will be able to launch the Download Play Store application and enjoy free apps and games on your Tablet device. The experience sincerely will be overwhelming to have apps on a bigger screen than the mobile devices. Hence, Play Store download for Tablets is worth to have.

Popular Apps from Google Play Store

In this section of the article, we are going to present some of the most popular apps which come from the Google Play Store market. There are a hundred thousands of apps in numbers but few get recognized and become popular. Their number of downloads are enough to establish the measure of popular apps.

Here are few of the most recognizable apps from the Play Store Download app market:

Whatsapp: This application is the most popular application amongst all in the Play Store. Whatsapp Messenger is a social networking slash text messaging slash media sharing application. It has multiple purposes as such to bring together the communication between two or more people at the same time.

The application is normalized to have 5 billion downloads till now and has around 100 million active users in different parts of the world. Such is the effect of a popular app in the Google Play Download.

YouTube: The name is not unknown to any readers probably who comes across it here. We all have heard of youTube and how big it is. The YouTube App is also another hit for the Google Play Store App. The YouTube is the biggest and highest rated video channel site slash app for users.

The users can stream any trending video from famous stars to simple people’s video uploads. Every upload is allowed and content is rated for the users that upload and view. Play Store offers YouTube App for free download which has its own unique set of features.

Facebook: This is a revolutionary social networking module first developed as a website then into an app. Facebook’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is the man behind the success of the app throughout the globe today.

People from any place can connect to their friends and family or they can also make new friends through the Facebook community. There are no boundaries as t the use of this social networking app.

People can upload pictures, videos, and other media content via the application or online. On Google Play Store, the Facebook App is available for people to download for free.

SnapChat: This is also another social networking application which is new on the mark of this time. Although the app is newly released some time back, the growth of its popularity and interest among users has grown rapidly.

The app trends on the Google Play Store for Android users and the iTunes App store for iOS device users. In this app, the users can share their pictures in a story format which at the end f the day gets removed from the site. This unique feature has stolen many users interest towards SanpChat.

Pokemon Go: This application is actually a game which has made the youth crazy to play for. A recent maneuver of the Pokemon Go game brought out by Niatic Inc. was made first for iOS devices and now for almost all platforms. Pokemon Go is a simple game which combines virtual reality with digital space in the real world.

3 Simple Steps To Install Google Play

Pokemon Go is based on real-time maps and sync with the game module where the player will cover distances and reach places in the real world to find virtual Pokemons on the game. This interesting game was set in the Play Store for all Android device users to take benefit from.

There are several more apps worth mentioning here: Instagram, SHAREit, UC Browser, and many more that are the famous entities of the Google Play Store App Download. All Android users can get trending apps and games under the specific section in the app store easily.

Error in Google Play Store

The Play Store Download app is quite fine most of the times but it is susceptible to flaws. We know that there are minor issues that exist with every application in the tech world. So, with regard to Google Play Store too, there are few common errors which hinder the performance factor of the app store overall.

Here are some of the errors which you may encounter during your use:

Error DF-BPA-09: Error Processing Purchase

This kind of error is a common one which takes place while downloading an application on the device. The problem is not as simply to keep retrying the download would help. So, to solve this kind of error you may have to “clear data” of the “Google Services Framework” option under the application settings.

Error DF-BPA-30:

This error is such that there are problems at times with the servers of the Google Play Services. In this kind of error, there is nothing which the user can do much but wait. The reason is that the app services when being updated go offline most of the times and hence at such impractical times we get this error. This error is self-sustaining and self-controlled.

Error!! Authentication required:

This is an anomalous error that usually occurs on the Google Play Store. There is no need to hesitate as this problem will definitely is removed either of the methods explained here;

  • Remove your account from Play Store and then re-enter it and check.
  • Clear the cache memory once you download Google Play Store App and then return to the app and enter into your account.

So, here were some of the common errors that usually come and go on the Google Play Store. You may try to always get around these problems with a little handling. If there are any major complications, you may check on the web for the specified solution.

Google Play App Problems fix

From time to time, the users of the Download Play Store application have faced several issues as we discussed above. There are basic queries of the transmission errors that occur with the app which is a much regular thing rather than being technical. We wish to specify some fix tricks for our readers to cautiously get rid of the problems themselves;

  • The most common of the issue is not loading into or proper link between app pages while browsing.
  • Well, this problem may be due to the use of a bad internet connection or a bad network.
  • You must always check whether your network connectivity is in the stronger bands or not.
  • Also, the problems of overloading or device lags can be spared a look by clearing the cache memory of the Google Play Store app on your device.
  • You can also try to uninstall the previous version and look for a new version of the Play Store manually.

Majorly, any bug in the previous versions is always cleared in the newer version. So, keep checking for updates if the app store seems to cause trouble. Performing the following fixes, the app store problems will be managed easily.

Features of Google Play Store Download

This app store has been a very important in the Android OS system integration. The App world as big as the Google Play Store itself would not have been successful if it did not have such an open and intellect participation of the developers in the stability of the app store.

Just like an ordinary store, but “e-store” to be precise, the Google Play Store serves its users since the year 2012. Throughout the world, the Play Store Download allows its users to access the apps and games through their smartphone and PC devices.

In this section of the article, we would like to point out some of the important features of the Google Play Store APK app. You will totally understand why this app store is considered the most official of all the app stores in the market. Here are some of these features that we would like to draw your attention to;

  • The application comes inbuilt in the Android devices so only updating is the next thing for all users to start of from.
  • The Google Play Store APK Download is free for all Android users and some other devices that are compatible with it.
  • The application charges no cost for the purchase of the app store and its services are also free.
  • It has got a simple, intuitive and slick interface for its users to safely and swiftly browse through the app store.
  • Some of the apps is of premium version but when you download Google Play Store App it also offers a trail version of the apps for a specified time period.
  • There are millions of apps and games to choose from for Android users.
  • By the time he/she is half way to it, there will probably be a million more waiting. Such is the range of the Google Play Store download app.
  • The applications on your Android device will automatically be installed by the users authorization. This process is automatic as there is no requirement to install the apps manually.
  • The users will get official apps and games through their purchase. This is made possible by providing your Google Account credentials for creating your specific account in the app store.
  • Every time you wish to purchase an app, you will simply have to authorize through your account and the app will automatically download onto your device.
  • The Google Play Store App also provides access to music through the special feature in it.

It provides about 1.5 Million apps and games, 35 million songs through its music service and more software tools. It is the world’s most versed app store that we can claim it to be. Hence, with these features clear to you, we are confident that you will be ready to download this application. Follow the steps in this site to get your Google Play Store Download.

There are plenty of complimentary things you can say about the Kindle Fire HD. 'It has a stellar collection of apps,' unfortunately isn't one of them. Amazon has customised Android to within an inch of its virtual life and banished Google Play in favour of its own Amazon Appstore. Take a stroll down its digital aisles and you'll find the selection somewhat underwhelming -- there's no Gmail, no Dropbox, no Instagram.


The good news is you can get access to Google Play and everything within it, as long as you don't mind a little bit of hacking. When I say a little bit, I mean it will instantly void your warranty with Amazon.

As with any advanced customisation of this type, CNET can't be held responsible for your exploits. Nevertheless, the changes aren't difficult to make and you shouldn't run into any problems that can't be solved with a quick Google query and some poking around on Android forums.

First and foremost you're going to need a rooted Kindle Fire HD, otherwise Google Play won't be able to access the key system files that it needs. The best place to learn how to do this is the guide I previously published. You'll also need to install the USB drivers for your Kindle Fire HD, which we covered in the same article. Once that's done, you can press on.

1. Collect your files

Google Play interacts with your device on a pretty fundamental level -- it needs to know who you are, which apps you've installed and how you're going to pay for them, for instance. With this in mind you'll need to copy some essential files over to your Kindle before installing the Play Store app itself.

Not for the first time, I'm indebted to the Android community for the files required -- visit this thread and download the archive package listed in step 2 of the first post. Extract these files to a folder on your system that you can easily access.

If you've not already done so, install ES File Explorer on your device. This is available from the Amazon App Store and enables you to easily transfer files and launch applications. You'll also need to make sure two key Kindle settings are turned to 'On' in the Settings -- 'Allow Installation of Applications' (on the Device screen) and 'Enable ADB' (on the Security screen). Everything should now be ready to install Google Play.

2. Transfer and prepare

Connect your Kindle Fire HD to your computer and it should appear as two separate entries in the Device Manager section of Control Panel (see the screenshot below). If it doesn't, return to my earlier article and retrace your steps. If you didn't use this guide to root your device, pay particular attention to the USB drivers section.

Using Windows, copy the three files we downloaded earlier -- namely Vending.apk, GoogleServicesFramework.apk and Gplay3.8.17.apk -- over to the Download folder on your Kindle.

Next, launch ES File Explorer on your Kindle Fire HD. Tap the menu icon and choose 'Settings' then 'Root Settings'. Tap the check box by 'Root Explorer', then 'Yes' and 'Grant' on the dialogue boxes that appear. Tick all of the boxes on screen, if they're not already -- Root Explorer, Up to Root, Mount File System, Backup System App and (un)install apk automatically. If you cannot follow these steps as described, it's possible your device hasn't been properly rooted.

3. Go go Google Play

Return to the file view in ES File Explorer and head to the Download folder, where we copied the APK files earlier. Tap GoogleServicesFramework.apk to install it (you'll see a brief confirmation message), then tap the 'Select' icon to enable you to select files rather than launch them. Tap Vending.apk, then tap the 'Copy' icon. Navigate to the /system/app folder (you'll need to go up to the root folder first) and paste Vending.apk in. Reboot your Kindle Fire HD.

Back in ES File Explorer, long press on Vending.apk in /system/app. Choose 'Properties' then tap the 'Change' button -- make sure read and write are checked for User, and read is checked for Group and Other. Tap 'OK' twice to clear the dialogues, then tap Vending.apk to install it.

Exit ES File Explorer and launch the main Apps link from the Kindle Fire HD home screen. Tap the new Market app and sign in using your Google Account credentials. It's important that you sign in using the older Market app first -- if you encounter a 'Can't establish a reliable data connection to the server' message, try rebooting the Kindle and/or disconnecting and reconnecting to your Wi-Fi signal.

If you've activated two-step verification on your Google Account (and you really should), you'll need to visit your account security page on the Web to generate a specific one-use password for the Market app, rather than using your standard Google password.

Google Play Apk Download For Tablet

If everything has worked, you should be met with an old-fashioned Android Market screen. To upgrade to the latest version of Google Play, head back to the Download folder in ES File Explorer and launch the last APK file, Gplay3.8.17.apk. Google Play can then be launched from the Apps page on your Kindle Fire HD. Happy downloading!

A few footnotes: the steps above should work with the latest versions of Windows (7 and 8) and the most up-to-date Kindle Fire HD firmware, but this is not an exact science. Some apps may not install because they think they're incompatible with your Kindle Fire HD -- you can still load them using another Android device or an emulator (this forum thread is a useful guide).

In addition, a future Kindle firmware update may break the customisations you've made -- an app such as DroidWall can be used to prevent these updates from happening automatically.

Finally, I'd like to thank the dedicated Android enthusiasts at Phandroid (particularly those contributing to this thread) for the hard work and instructions that contributed to much of this guide.

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