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George's stress level goes way up when Really Mean Lion challenges him for leadership of the jungle, and Ursula's mother Beatrice teams up with Ursula's ex-fiance Lyle in a plot to forcibly take away all that George holds most dear.

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This is a list of episodes for George of the Jungle.

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Series overview[edit]

RunSegmentsEpisodesOriginally airedSeason DVD release date (Region 1)
First airedLast aired
Original4926June 29, 2007January 11, 2008July 23, 2009
(excluded 23 and 25-26)
Revival5226September 10, 2016February 18, 2017N/A
Megashare George Of The Jungle


Original run (2007–08)[edit]

The original run of the reboot ran only for twenty-six episodes (forty-nine segments), all in a single season.

No. in
TitleWritten byStoryboarded byOriginal air date
(Teletoon) [1]
1a1a'Beetle Invasion'Dave Lewman and Joe LissDennis CrawfordJune 29, 2007101a
George must help stop a beetle infestation that he inadvertently started.
1b1b'The Naked Ape Man'Dennis HeatonLyn HartJune 29, 2007101b
George's lack of clothing is called into question.
2a2a'Aromageddon'Andrew Nicholls and Darrell VickersJay SurridgeJuly 3, 2007102a
George's body odor after a lengthy time between baths has unforeseen consequences.
2b2b'Found Temple of Gold'Dennis HeatonTom Nesbitt, Lyn Hart,
and Andy Bartlett
July 3, 2007102b
George is tricked into taking a booby-trapped temple as his new home and desperately tries to undo the trade.
3a3a'Cone Head'Andrew Nicholls and Darrell VickersDan HughesJuly 4, 2007103a
George must wear a protective cone to keep from scratching an infected itch.
3b3b'Cousin Larry of the Jungle'Andrew Nicholls and Darrell VickersMike WestJuly 4, 2007103b
George's arrogant cousin Larry comes for a visit and problems quickly arise.
4a4a'License to Swing'Andy Guerdat and Steven SullivanSean McCarronJuly 5, 2007104a
Ursula's new vine-swinging system is way too complicated, landing George in Ape's remedial safety class. While there, he falls in with the 'bad kids'.
4b4b'My Own Private Hero'Bart JennettGerry FournierJuly 5, 2007104b
It is Danger Season, when George's pledge to aid all jungle creatures is put to the test. When Big Mitch, a sneaky marmoset, tries to make George his personal danger servant, George's friends attempt to fill in for George and end up in danger themselves.
5a5a'Lucky Pants'David Lewman and Joe LissJocelan HilltonJuly 6, 2007106a
A pair of underpants is seen as a good luck charm by George and the others. As a result, they each try to claim ownership of them.
5b5b'Ape Ruth'David Lewman and Joe LissDan HughesJuly 6, 2007106b
George and Ape square off in a series of competitive contests.
6a6a'Don't Thank Me'Evan Gore and Heather LombardRob BoutilierJuly 9, 2007107a
George, Ursula and Magnolia go out of their way to thank Ape for everything (which started when Ape saved George, Ursula and a snake from being eaten by a man-eating plant) to the point where Ape tries to hide from them.
6b6b'For the Love of Sloth'Evan Gore and Heather LombardKent WebbJuly 9, 2007107b
George is obsessed with a sloth becoming his friend.
7a7a'Bathroom of the Apes'Andrew Nicholls and Darrell VickersGerry FournierJuly 10, 2007108a
A legend about a curse placed on an outhouse by an ape king may come true.
7b7b'Beauty vs. Beasts'Paul GreenbergJos HumphreyJuly 10, 2007108b
George and his friends become obsessed with personal appearance and this is taken advantage of by a pair of scheming peacocks.
8a8a'Star Power'Andrew Nicholls and Darrell VickersDennis CrawfordJuly 11, 2007109a
George's jungle friends find that their wishes made when they see shooting stars are coming true.
8b8b'L'il Orphan Anteater'David Lewman and Joe LissSamuel ToJuly 11, 2007109b
George cares for a young anteater that he believes is orphaned, but Shep is jealous.
9a9a'The Vegemaster'Evan Gore and Heather LombardSteve LeCouilliardJuly 12, 2007112a
George and his friends, facing a food shortage, travel to meet with a man who calls himself the Vegemaster.
9b9b'Eagle Tick'Steve SchnierMike WestJuly 12, 2007112b
George gains the ability to fly after being bitten by an unusual bug.
10a10a'The Snoring'Mark MyersDennis CrawfordJuly 13, 2007105a
George finds himself helpless to stop Ape's loud snoring at night.
10b10b'George's Day Off'Andrew Nicholls and Darrell VickersSamuel ToJuly 13, 2007105b
At his friends' insistence, George takes a vacation away from the jungle. However, his friends quickly discover that George's duties are very difficult to fill in for.
11a11a'Frankengeorge'Andy Guerdat and Steven SullivansJocelan HilltonJuly 16, 2007111a
A zombie curse threatens George and his friends. Everyone in the jungle is turned into zombies hungry for peanuts. Will Ursula escape from such a horrible nightmare?
11b11b'Afraid of Nothing'Andrew Nicholls and Darrell VickersGerry FournierJuly 16, 2007111b
George becomes paranoid after a scary campfire tale and turns his tree house into a fortress.
12a12a'Brother George'Andy Guerdat and Steven SullivanSean McCarronJuly 16, 2007110a
George is tutored by several different gurus and finds he is supposed to be on three different sides for an upcoming battle.
12b12b'Ape Mitzvah'Reid HarrisonJocelan HilltonJuly 16, 2007110b
While Ape goes through an annual rite of passage mandated by the Greater Ape Council, George tries to figure out what species he descended from.
13a13a'George Skips Breakfast'Andrew Nicholls and Darrell VickersJos HumphreyAugust 7, 2007113a
George's preparing breakfast for his friends is interrupted by a play being conducted in the area.
13b13b'Muscle Mania'Rick GroelDan HughesAugust 7, 2007113b
Magnolia desires to become stronger, but after bathing in a muscle mutation agent, she transforms into a much larger brute.
14a14a'Rebel Without a Claw'Andrew Nicholls and Darrell VickersDennis CrawfordJuly 25, 2007114a
George and his friends try to teach the jungle animals to get along, but the natural order gets upset as a result.
Note: The name of the episode is a reference to the movie Rebel Without a Cause.
14b14b'Stripy Pony'Tracy BernaTim StubyJuly 25, 2007114b
Magnolia is determined to have a pony just like the one in her book.
15a15a'Rainy Season'Reid HarrisonTim StubyAugust 1, 2007115a
George tries to bring an end to a prolonged rainy spell, but the young rain spirit George talks with has other ideas.
15b15b'Love in the Air'Reid HarrisonAlex BasioAugust 1, 2007115b
The Tookie-Tookie Bird is in love with another bird and George cannot understand why such an emotion is so important.
16a16a'Selfish Shellfish'Andrew Nicholls and Darrell VickersMarv NewlandAugust 15, 2007116a
George finds a seashell on the ground and starts listening to the hermit crab inside constantly. Before long, he is ignoring his friends and treating them badly at the behest of the crab.
16b16b'Volcano Pageant'Neal Boushell and Sam O'NealDan HughesAugust 15, 2007116b
To cheer up a volcano that is supposedly bored, George and his friends put on a show to make it happy.
17a17a'George Lays an Egg'David Lewman and Joe LissJohn FlaggAugust 22, 2007117a
George finds a bird's egg with no sign of its mother and decides to care for it until it hatches.
17b17b'Ape Goes Ape'Colin Yardley and Adrian VershininJos HumphreyAugust 22, 2007117b
Big Mitch's persistent playing of the bongos causes Ape to dance constantly and George resolves to solve the problem.
18a18a'Mantler, the Man with Antlers'Evan Gore and Heather LombardMike WestAugust 29, 2007118a
George enters into a contest in a comic book with hopes of meeting his favorite superhero Mantler personally, but things do not turn out as planned.
18b18b'Mount Georgemore'Mark DropSamuel ToAugust 29, 2007118b
George is stunned to see caricatures of himself carved into a nearby mountain by some of the jungle animals, but finds that it is not a popular thing with many of his friends.
19a19a'George's Birthday Present'Neal Boushell and Sam O'NealJohn FlaggSeptember 12, 2007119a
George's friends learn that George has never celebrated his birthday and set out to get him the ultimate birthday gift.
19b19b'Witching Stick'Rick GroelSean McCarronSeptember 12, 2007119b
George endeavours to replace the Witch Doctor's stick that he accidentally broke.
20a20a'Trouble with Bananaquats'Catherine LieuwenSteve LeCouilliardSeptember 19, 2007120a
The appearance of bananaquats, which grow once every five years, and the effect they have on Ape has George and Magnolia fearing that bad times lay ahead.
20b20b'Spoiled King'Mike WeissColin JackSeptember 19, 2007120b
George and his friends deal with the antics of a spoiled movie star couple.
21a21a'Extreme Lamebrains'Meredith Jennings-OffenSamuel ToSeptember 26, 2007121a
Two visitors who record and participate in extremely dangerous stunts visit the jungle. Before long, they have George and Ape doing stunts as well, though all four ultimately are in extreme danger as a result.
21b21b'Still Got It'Randi BarnesMike WestSeptember 26, 2007121b
Two legendary pranksters from the past make life difficult for George and the jungle animals.
22a22a'A Boy and His Elephant'Mark DropDan HughesOctober 11, 2007122a
George decides Shep needs to be trained to make him more obedient to George's requests.
22b22b'George's Security Stone'Jenna JolovitzJocelan HilltonOctober 11, 2007122b
George loses his security stone and searches the jungle to find it and regain his lost confidence.
23a23a'Jungle Bells'Tracy BernaColin JackNovember 7, 2007123a
Ursula, recalling memories of Christmas past, is determined to celebrate Christmas in the jungle, though George and the others are not quite as enthusiastic.
23b23b'The Goat of Christmas Presents'Charlotte FullertonColin JackNovember 7, 2007123b
On the day after Christmas, everybody (except Ursula) decides to have Christmas again and again.
24a24a'Second Banana'Andy Guerdat and Steven SullivanAlex BasioNovember 14, 2007124a
Ape tries to be a hero just like his friend George.
24b24b'One with Nature'Catherine LieuwenAlex BasioNovember 14, 2007124b
George sets out to meditate and change his grumpy outlook.
25262526'Escape from Madmun Island'Story by : Andrew Nicholls and Darrell Vickers
Teleplay by : Andrew Nicholls, Darrell Vickers, and Evan Gore
Dennis Crawford (Part 1)Gerry Fournier (Part 2)Colin Jack (Part 3)Steve LeCouilliard (Part 4)January 11, 2008125126
George and his friends seek to rescue people trapped on an island populated by mysterious animals and a person who is secretly watching their every move.George and his friends try to save themselves from the robotic menaces and traps set by the ruler of Madmun Island.

Revival run (2016–17)[edit]

The revival series aired on September 10, 2016.[2] It aired on Nickelodeon in the Netherlands and Boomerang in the UK. It also airs on Cartoon Network in Australia and New Zealand.

No. in
Title [3]Directed byStoryboarded byOriginal air date (Teletoon) [4][5]Prod.
27a1a'Bringing Silverback'Richard Elliott and Simon RacioppaTBASeptember 10, 2016201a
27b1b'Of Botflies and Men'Richard Elliott and Simon RacioppaRick MarshallSeptember 10, 2016201b
28a2a'The Insider'Richard Elliott and Simon RacioppaChris Labonte and Thomas ChoSeptember 17, 2016202a
28b2b'Clockwork George'Richard Elliott and Simon RacioppaJeffrey Timmins and Chris LandSeptember 17, 2016202b
29a3a'True Bromance'Dale SchottLes SolisSeptember 24, 2016203a
29b3b'George x 4'Dan Williams and Lienne SawatskyMitch Manzer and Chris LandSeptember 24, 2016203b
30a4a'Strong As He Can Tree'Richard Elliott and Simon RacioppaSasha McIntyreOctober 1, 2016204a
30b4b'George’s Song'Dan Williams and Lienne SawatskyCraig A. TailleferOctober 1, 2016204b
31a5a'Queen of the Desert'Dan WilliamsCraig TailleferOctober 8, 2016205a
31b5b'Kings and Little Ones'Dale SchottRob WaltonOctober 8, 2016205b
32a6a'Renaissance Ape'Richard Elliott and Simon RacioppaTBAOctober 15, 2016206a
32b6b'My Georging Jacket'Richard Elliott and Simon RacioppaGerry FournierOctober 15, 2016206b
33a7a'Bananium Deficiency'Josh Sager and Jerome SimpsonGerry FournierOctober 22, 2016207a
33b7b'I Gotta Beave Me'Mike KissRob WaltonOctober 22, 2016207b
34a8a'Nature’s Call'Josh Sager and Jerome SimpsonTBAOctober 29, 2016208a
34b8b'Much Ado About Stuffing'Ian MacIntyreTBAOctober 29, 2016208b
35a9a'Steve of the Jungle'Richard Elliott and Simon RacioppaTBANovember 5, 2016209a
35b9b'Guess What’s Coming to Dinner'Dale SchottTBANovember 5, 2016209b
36a10a'Meet Meat'Simon Racioppa and Richard ElliottTBANovember 12, 2016210a
36b10b'Body Politics'Dan WilliamsTBANovember 12, 2016210b
37a11a'Sour Milk'Dale SchottTBANovember 19, 2016211a
37b11b'Valley of the Magnolias'Simon Racioppa and Richard ElliottTBANovember 19, 2016211b
38a12a'For Science'Dale SchottTBANovember 26, 2016212a
38b12b'Cute Is As Cute Does'Ian MacIntyreTBANovember 26, 2016212b
39a13a'Shadow of a Dolt'Richard Elliott and Simon RacioppaTBADecember 3, 2016213a
39b13b'Lovecano'Ian MacIntyreTBADecember 3, 2016213b
40a14a'Strange Daze'Josh Sager and Jerome SimpsonSasha McIntyreJanuary 7, 2017[6]214a
40b14b'Lying Cloth'Mike KissJoe ShermanJanuary 7, 2017[7]214b
41a15a'Mess of Kings'Dan Williams and Lienne SawatskyTBAJanuary 8, 2017[8]215a
41b15b'Rip van George'Dale SchottTBAJanuary 8, 2017[9]215b
42a16a'Mama Chicago'Richard Elliott and Simon RacioppaTBAJanuary 14, 2017[10]216a
42b16b'Reversum Day'Richard Elliott and Simon RacioppaTBAJanuary 14, 2017[11]216b
43a17a'Swirl'Richard Elliott and Simon RacioppaTBAJanuary 15, 2017[12]217a
43b17b'Junior Jungle Achievers'Simon Racioppa and Richard ElliottTBAJanuary 15, 2017[13]217b
44a18a'Wet Behind the Ears'Josh Sager and Jerome SimpsonTBAJanuary 21, 2017[14]218a
44b18b'Georgus Ex Machina'Simon Racioppa and Richard ElliottTBAJanuary 21, 2017[15]218b
45a19a'Breaking Ape'Ethan BanvilleTBAJanuary 28, 2017[16]219a
45b19b'Sidekick Chicago'Dale SchottTBAJanuary 28, 2017[17]219b
46a20a'The Ursula Solution'Simon Racioppa and Richard ElliottTBAJanuary 29, 2017[18]220a
46b20b'George Lays an Egg'Simon Racioppa and Richard ElliottTBAJanuary 29, 2017[19]220b
47a21a'Excalibanana'Simon Racioppa and Richard ElliottTBAJanuary 22, 2017[20]221a
47b21b'The Flavour of Science'Richard ClarkTBAJanuary 22, 2017[21]221b
48a22a'The George Who Would Be King'Dale SchottTBAFebruary 4, 2017[22]222a
48b22b'The Peel of Fate'Dan Williams and Lienne SawatskyTBAFebruary 4, 2017[23]222b
49a23a'Were-George'Richard ClarkTBAFebruary 5, 2017[24]223a
49b23b'Master of Macho'Simon Racioppa and Richard ElliottTBAFebruary 5, 2017[25]223b
50a24a'Trial by Jungle'Simon Racioppa and Richard ElliottTBAFebruary 11, 2017[26]224a
50b24b'Slothpocalypto'Dale SchottTBAFebruary 11, 2017[27]224b
51a25a'Beave Us Alone'Dan Williams and Lienne SawatskyTBAFebruary 12, 2017[28]225a
51b25b'Original Jungle Kings'Richard ClarkTBAFebruary 12, 2017[29]225b
52a26a'The Last Treehugger'Simon Racioppa and Richard ElliottTBAFebruary 18, 2017[30]226a
52b26b'Heart of Gold'Simon Racioppa and Richard ElliottTBAFebruary 18, 2017[31]226b


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