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Contoh Surat Undangan Khitanan – Untuk perencanaan acara Khitanan maka kita memang harus memberikan udangan secara baik dan sesuai dengan keinginan kita, dan untuk itulah desain Surat Udangan Khitanan pun perlu disesain unik dan semenarik mungkin untuk dapat menjadi minat bagi banyak teman-teman kita semua, untuk itulah kami sempatkan disini untuk membagikan format Surat Udangan Khitanan.

Format Downloads

Our sticker labels are computer printable, compatible with both inkjet and laserjet printers. To set or type content onto your labels is simple and easy. Below are our Microsoft Word template for each label brand and type, available for your download.

ABC Label

ABC Label no.88 size: 7 x 36 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 99size: 5 x 36 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 100size: 38 x 95 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 101size: 50 x 95 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 102size: 47 x 47 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 103size: 33 x 63 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 104size: 24 x 75 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 105size: 24 x 37 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 106size: 25 x 25 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 107size: 18 x 50 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 108size: 18 x 38 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 109size: 13 x 38 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 110size: 16 x 22 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 111size: 12 x 18 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 112size: 8 x 20 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 113size: 9 x 12 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 114diameter: 13 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 115diameter: 17 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 116diameter: 19 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 117diameter: 22 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 119size: 95 x 152 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 120size: 78 x 118 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 121size: 37 x 75 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 122size: 17 x 85 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 123size: 12 x 30 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 124size: 40 x 57 mmdownload
ABC Label no. 125size: 16 x 31 mmdownload

Flexy Label

Flexy Label no. 99size: 5 x 34 mmdownload
Flexy Label no. 103size: 32 x 64 mm
Flexy Label no. 111size: 13 x 19 mmdownload
Flexy Label no. 112size: 8 x 20 mmdownload
Flexy Label no. 113size: 9 x 12 mmdownload
Flexy Label no. 120size: 78 x 118 mmdownload
Flexy Label no. 121size: 38 x 75 mmdownload

CD Label

CD Label LK diameter: 11.7 mmdownload
CD Label LB diameter: 11.7 mmdownload

Anda sedang mencari contoh desain undangan pernikahan murah? Berikut ini adalah contoh Desain Undangan Pernikahan, semoga bermanfaat bagi Anda yang sedang mencari format undangan pernikahan ukuran undangan pernikahan font undangan pernikahan. Jika anda sedang mencari info seputar cetak undangan pernikahandan undangan pernikahan online percetakan undangan pernikahan. Isi undangan pernikahankonsep undangan pernikahan. Cetak undangan pernikahan murah dan contoh undangan pernikahan unik. Undangan pernikahan yogyakarta contoh undangan pernikahan murah katalog undangan pernikahan kalimat undangan pernikahan background undangan pernikahan.

Asianet live tv online. Berikut ini adalah contoh Desain Undangan Pernikahan, semoga bermanfaat bagi Anda yang sedang mencari format undangan pernikahan ukuran undangan pernikahan font undangan pernikahan.

Contoh Desain Undangan Pernikahan

1 Desain Undangan Pernikahan – Vencarr

  • Didesain oleh: Vencarr

2 Desain Undangan Pernikahan – Wedding Invitations

  • Didesain oleh: Kostadin Kostadinov dari Sofia, Bulgaria.

3 Desain Undangan Pernikahan – Vronique Michiel

Contoh Format Undangan
  • Didesain oleh: Mr Seq

4 Desain Undangan Pernikahan – Wedding Invite

5 Desain Undangan Pernikahan Samantha dan Adam

6 Desain Undangan Pernikahan Andy & Janet

Contoh Format Undangan Pernikahan Word

7 Desain Undangan Pernikahan – Fall Leaves Invitation Signature Wedding Invitation

  • Didesain oleh: TGK Design. The fall colored maple and oak leaves on this invitation can set the tone for an elegant Autumn wedding! Choose different colors for a completely different look or season! Make a lasting impression by upgrading to one of our classic shimmer papers.

8 Desain Undangan Pernikahan – Grace Signature Raised Wedding Invitation

  • Didesain oleh:TGK Design. Our elegant Grace Wedding Invitation is the essence of class and sophistication. As our most black-tie worthy invitation. It is sure to set the stage for a glamorous affair. Customizable papers, inks, fonts and ribbon.

9 Desain Undangan Pernikahan – Branding My Wedding

  • Didesain oleh: Nestor Urdanpilleta dari Zarautz, Spain.

10 Desain Undangan Pernikahan – Lamanda Reva

  • Didesain oleh:J3fton. The invitation i designed for my sister’s wedding. It uses a Burgopak© packaging system where if u pull one end, the other comes out at the same time.

11 Desain Undangan Pernikahan – Coastal Ava – Shimmer COUTURE WEDDING INVITATION

  • Didesain oleh: TGK Design. This Couture Wedding Invitation is our approach to the glamorous Coastal Bride. The ultra heavy shimmer wrap adds to the elegance and sanctity of your seaside ceremony, but is most indicative of the grand celebration that is surely to follow.
Contoh Format Undangan

12 Desain Undangan Pernikahan – Save the Date 01

  • Didesain oleh: Eirene. A set of black and white wedding collaterals featuring: wedding logo, save the date card, map card, table card, and wine & dine menu.

13 Desain Undangan Pernikahan – Fer & Nora

  • Didesain oleh: La caja de tipos from El Puente, Spain. What Fer and Nora wanted for their wedding was to be a big party where all guests, from first to last, have fun and a good time with them. They wanted everyone to participate from the outset to make that day unforgettable. So with this in our mind we started working. We have several ideas but the one that fits better with what the couple wanted is an invitation that the guests themselves have to finish, besides being able to use the day of the wedding instead of rice. With all this we have created an invitation in two parts, the lower with the event data and instructions for in order that everyone know what to do and top with a series of micro-perforated circles with laser that can be separated as each guest wants and, this way, draw various elements regarding the wedding such as a heart, rings, a shrimp… typical things. The instructions give ideas, but then everyone is free to do what they want to make their invitation personal. But it doesn’t stop there, these leftover circles become confetti to be thrown to Fer and Nora when they leave the church, helping to create a party atmosphere in their first minutes as newlyweds.

14 Desain Undangan Pernikahan – Wedding Invites

  • Didesain oleh: Matthew Muller Los Angeles, California, USA.

15 Desain Undangan Pernikahan – Aitor Y Nagore

  • Didesain oleh: Didesain oleh: La caja de tipos from El Puente, Spain. According to the RAE (Spanish language academy) a wedding is a ceremony by which two people are united in marriage and where both parts are indispensable in order to carry it out. When we met with Aitor and Nagore to talk about the invitation that we were going to design for them, we commented that this concept seemed very important to us and that it must be present because in some way it is the essence of the event. They liked the idea so much that we go ahead with it. We decided that for a project with so much meaning, we had to take risks and use a different material, a clear acetate divided in two pieces where each one contains part of the text of the invitation. To emphasize even more the concept of unity that we wanted to convey, we separate the text by letters scattered randomly on both acetates. Thus, the only way to read the text and understand the invitation was to bring together these two acetates, as in a wedding.

16 Desain Undangan Pernikahan – I Do’s Wedding Invitation

  • Didesain oleh: Eric Carver dari Kansas City, Kansas, USA.

17 Desain Undangan Pernikahan – Bey/Dunn Wedding Invitation

  • Didesain oleh: Kimberly Dunn dari Racine, Wisconsin, USA. This is a custom wedding invitation, RSVP card, and map of area hotelsthat I created for my 2008 wedding. Having gotten married in Las Vegas,I used a playing card theme and recreated the traditional card back toinclude hearts. These invitations were created in Adobe Illustrator andprinted on heavy card stock to resemble the feel of real playing cards.

18 Desain Undangan Pernikahan – Wedding Invite

  • Didesain oleh: Disturbance dari Durban, South Africa.

19 Desain Undangan Pernikahan

Contoh Format Undangan Natal

  • Didesain oleh: Josua Wahyudi.

20 Desain Undangan Pernikahan – Wedding Invite Amorgos

  • Didesain oleh: Wundercloud dari Athens, Greece.

21 Desain Undangan Pernikahan – Yudhi and Nana

  • Didesain oleh: Shelmi Setiawan dari Jakarta, Indonesia. “Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.”

22 Desain Undangan Pernikahan – Jessica and Chad

  • Didesain oleh: White Rabbit Art. This is a wedding invitation that I did for my wedding. I sketched it out then brought it into photoshop and created it. The bottom part with the doves is actually the backside of the invitation.

23 Desain Undangan Pernikahan – Tying the Knot – RK+MM Wedding Invitations

  • Didesain oleh: Urban Influence dari Seattle, Washington, United State.

24 Desain Undangan Pernikahan

  • Didesain oleh: Banjo Eskimo

Demikianlah contoh Desain Undangan Pernikahan.