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The Windows Phone app, with Nokia’s assistance, has gradually made it very reliable. It’s short, simple and to the point and for now, it’s my go to messenger. Best Messaging Apps for Windows Phone. GroupMe allows you to contact people via Push or SMS, sending both text and photo messages. IM+ (Free, Paid for version available).

Sms App For Windows Phone

Import SMS from Windows Phone: import your SMS messages from Windows Phone to your Android phone. The SMS backup from Windows Phone is transferred into your Android messaging storage very easily!
You can transfer MMS messages and group messages with the PRO version of this app, called Import SMS from Windows Phone PRO. You can find it also on Google Play Store: https://goo.gl/3A9GPe
This application is FREE and there is NO LIMIT set for the SMS messages that can be imported.
Transfer your exported file from Windows Phone to your Android phone and the application will import your SMS from Windows Phone for you.
Import SMS from Windows Phone app will search through the entire internal memory and on SD Card (if exists) for the backup file(s) from Windows Phone.
You can select from which number(s) to import the SMS messages or you can import them all at once.
1. Export SMS messages from Windows Phone with:
contacts+message backup app for devices WITHOUT an SD Card
contacts+message or Transfer my Data app for devices WITH an SD Card
2. Copy the exported files (VMSG or MSG) to your Android phone via USB, Bluetooth, etc.
3. Start Import SMS from Windows Phone.
4. Allow the permisions in order for the application to work.
5. Tap Import messages; the app will search the files for you.
6.1 If there are more than 1 file, a list with all of them will appear.
Choose one of them by tapping on it and the file will be read
6.2 The only file found will be read.
7. You can choose to select from which numbers to import or to import all.
8. For Android 4.4+, approve the change for Import SMS from Windows Phone to become Default SMS App.
9. Wait until the restoration is complete. Change back the Default SMS app to what it was before restoration.
10. Go to your Android message box and you'll find your messages from Windows Phone.
For more informations, watch the video above description and check 'How to backup messages on Windows Phone' section inside the app.
Imports both MSG and VMSG file formats
Reads all diacritics and emojis from VMSG file 1*
Display the messages real date from MSG file
Handle incoming SMS messages while importing 2*
1* MSG files are 'already handled by Microsoft app'; Import SMS from Windows Phone just displays them.
2* You are notified when an SMS is received and you will find it on Android message box.
MMS messages and group messages are supported on the PRO version of this app, called Import SMS from Windows Phone PRO.
Group messages will be imported as individual messages with this version; They are imported properly with the PRO version.
If you are having any issues, contact me via 'Report a problem' menu section, inside the app or via email. I respond very quickly and I will fix your problems right away!
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2. The PRO version of this app is now called Convert SMS from Windows Phone PRO. It still supports MMS & group messages & also validates automatically invalid .msg files, but now only CONVERTS backups from Windows Phone as Android backups
I'll still help with the validation of .msg files; Contact me via email.
March 9, 2019
Sms App For Windows Phone
4.1 and up
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