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On the Windows 7 box make a new folder under C: Program Files HyperTerminal for 32-bit and for 64-bit make a new folder C: Program Files (x86) HyperTerminal. From a Windows XP box and copy the following 3 files to the folder that was just created on the Windows 7 box: C: Program Files Windows NT hypertrm.exe C: WINDOWS system32 hypertrm.dll C: WINDOWS Help hypertrm.chm. Now just run hypertrm.exe and HyperTerminal is on Windows 7. Techyv is one of the leading solution providers covering different aspects of Computers and Information Technology. We have a hardworking team of professionals in different areas that can provide you with guaranteed solutions to a blend of your problems. This HyperTerminal client functions normally on your Windows Vista or a Windows 7 system as it would on any other Windows XP system. The best part about this method is that the HyperTerminal client you get this way is both free and it works.

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I can't find HyperTerminal to set my COM port. Shontelle impossible mp3 free download. Where is it in Windows 7?

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If you mean HyperTerminal, it's no longer included in Windows 7. Use Phone and Modem Options instead:

  • Open Phone and Modem Options byclicking the Start button, clickingControl Panel, clicking Hardware andSound, and then clicking Phone andModem Options.

I recommend you to use PuTTY. HyperTerminal is no more in Windows 7.

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I suspect you're looking for HyperTerminal? If so, it isn't on Windows 7. Take a look at this site for the way to get the files needed and how to install it on Windows 7.

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