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Which version of Visio ® 2010 is right for you? SKU Chooser/ Comparison Chart. Key templates and shapes to jump-start your diagramming. New Microsoft ® Office Fluent user interface.

From Microsoft:

Microsoft Visio Download

Microsoft Visio Premium 2010 (64-bit) takes diagramming to a new level with dynamic, data-driven visualization tools and templates, enhanced process management capabilities, and advanced Web sharing.
Bring real-time data together from multiple sources, including Excel and Microsoft SQL Server, in one powerful diagram using vibrant graphics like icons and data bars. Manage processes with sub-processes and rules and logic validation to ensure accuracy and consistency across the organization. Create SharePoint workflows and export them to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 for real-time execution and monitoring.
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What do you need to know about free software?

If I start the office 2013 installation, it looks like Visio is installed, yet I don't see it listed in the start menu


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Free Visio For Office 2010

It looks like you installed the Visio viewer, which does not have a standalone application. You can view Visio files from within Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Visio 2013 Viewer allows anyone to view Visio drawings inside their Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser.


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